Book Review 213 // Eisenhorn: Malleus by Dan Abnett

Dan Abnett - Malleus

My reading has slowed a little late, primarily due to my own fault, as I attempted a beast of a book for me! Lesson learnt. I've now finished that book, and a review will soon follow, but I found myself craving some Dan Abnett, so I knew I had to grab Malleus off the shelf and dive in.

Title: Eisenhorn: Malleus

Author: Dan Abnett

Blurb: Part two of the epic Eisenhorn trilogy returns

A century after his recovery of the alien Necroteuch, Gregor Eisenhorn is one of the Imperial Inquisition’s most celebrated agents. But when a face from his past returns to haunt him, and he is implicated in a great tragedy that devastates the world of Thracian Primaris, Eisenhorn’s universe crumbles around him. The daemon Cherubael is back, and seeks to bring the inquisitor to ruin – either by his death, or by turning him to the service of the Dark Gods.


Damn, do I love a Dan Abnett spun tale. This was just as fun and epic as the first novel and did so well at keeping some of the loose threads active. The opening chapters are some of my favourites from any Black Library book, with the attention to detail and characters so well worked out.

Also, the introduction to Ravenor is just perfect, along with the over-arcing villain of this title. This book, for me, also takes us from the sandbox of a couple planets to actually travelling the galaxy, with a rarely done trip to Cadia (RIP). And though it was galaxy-spanning with its travelling, it did a great job of keeping you focused on the prize and key characters, whilst hinting enough about the secondary cast to make you super intrigued.

Ah, I hate sounding like an Abnett fanboy, but damn does he know how to hook me to a story, great job and I highly recommend reading it. As I type this I have the next title on my desk and I feel my slowdown has come to end.

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