Book Review 211 // Tomb of the Necrons by Cavan Scott

It's with a heavy heart that we say farewell to the Warhammer Adventures series. The last book is now complete, and I do feel a hole has been left that may not be filled easily.

Title: Tomb of the Necron (Warped Galaxies #6)
Author: Cavan Scott
Blurb: Book 6 in the Warped Galaxies Series. Fantastic Sci-Fi books for children aged 9-12.

Guided by the vision of a mysterious psyker, Zelia finally finds her mother on a distant world, far from Terra. But even now, are the friends really safe while they carry the ancient relic that led to the destruction of Talen’s home planet? A family is reunited, but a world will be ripped apart as the unstoppable Necrons close in on their prize. Warped Galaxies reaches its exciting conclusion as loyalties are tested, destinies are set and the Space Marines arrive in force!

Format: 272 pages, Paperback


It feels like a closing of a chapter holding this last Cavan Scott title in my hand. When first announced it caused an uproar from a certain aspect of the community, I am glad they shut up for the most part and that Games Workshop gave the series time to grow. It has also been a joy to read these to my kids, who are growing more and more intrigued by Dad's toys. Now to the story itself.

The tale starts with the group visiting an unsanctioned psyker, who after absorbing some of Zelia's life force divulges the where about of the Emperor's Seat, and the location of Zelia's mother and other refugees from book 1. Soon it becomes clear that the Necrons have had agents seeded on this world and a dramatic finale finishes off the season (I can't say too much as I don't wish to ruin the plot).

Most major series plot points are completed and closed and sadly a few never truly deliver their worth. The kids themselves have faced down the worst foes of Mankind and learnt that maybe the Imperium is the worst of them all. Though it seems like most of these issues are completely forgotten about in this final tale, could be a good example of Systematic brainwashing. The epic conclusion sees the arrival of the Space Marines to save the day and kick Necron's tinny arses. Whilst everything else is wrapped up nicely into a fitting conclusion. The kids all go their separate ways in a manner that makes perfect sense and I am left feeling content with the story. I also feel the tale has been left a little open to allow for further adventures maybe?

It is a very good attempt at exploring the 40k verse for a younger audience and I can truly see myself re-reading these in a year or two. Quick, fun and lighthearted would be my final description of the series. Go in open-minded and you shouldn't be disappointed.

Now I just need to find Secrets of the Tau and War of the Orks as physical books and I will then be happy!

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