Book Review 210 // Plague of the Nurglings by Cavan Scott

Back on the Warped Galaxies train and catching up with all the fun these kids are getting into! So far, this book series has been rather impressive, and I am sad to think it is ending.

Title: Plague of the Nurglings (Warped Galaxies #5)
Author: Cavan Scott
Blurb: The fifth book in the Warped Galaxies series. An exciting new series of sci-fi books for middle-grade readers from Black Library. Brave champions and the forces of the Imperium battle alien beasts and mechanical tyrants across the gulf of space.

Zelia, Talen and Mekki arrive at Aparitus, a planet of powerful industrial machines and the cybernetic race called the Mechanicus. Now under the protection of the mysterious Inquisitor Jeremias, they still search for a way to reach Zelia's mother, but all is not what it seems in the forge world. A strange plague spreads, infecting technology and unleashing a host of gribbly monsters – the Nurglings!

Format: 224 pages, Paperback Buy now on Amazon


We pick up the story following on from Zelia, Talen and Mekki being rescued from the Orks by the mysterious Inquisitor Jeremias. If the inquisitor is to be believed, Rogue Trader Captian Amity and Fleapit have tricked the children in an attempt to steal the Necron Diadem, and they have now fled into deep space. After vowing to help the children track down the thieves, the Inquisitor leads the kids to Forge World Aparitus, which acts as Jeremias' base of operation.

Turns out the inquisitor, like most things in 40k, is definitely not a good guy! And through accidental misuse of his warp powers, Jeremias releases a plague on the Forge World, opening the gates for Papa Nurgle to send forth his servants!

This is a pretty scary book for a middle schooler, in my opinion. It sways strongly into the horror aspect of the setting, with daemons, body horror and torture all happening in this title! I caution you to read this through with your kid to assess if it is too scary. It also really highlights the callousness.

For the first time, the young adventurers face off against the forces of chaos in the form of daemons in the service of the plague god Nurgle. It's also the first time they really get to deal with the corruption and callousness that is the Imperium. As well as starting to showcase the darker aspects of the lore. This is an unusual step for the series, but one I feel they can't do justice to without traumatizing the kids!

Overall a very dark twist to the series full of action and adventure. I really enjoy it!

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