Audio Review 104 // Heart of Rage by James Swallow


Moving away from the 30k verse for a bit to travel ahead in time, the 40k. The next few adventures will focus on the true Angels of Death, the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels. Both have been around since the dawn of 40k in the 80's so I have high hopes for the upcoming titles. So let us jump in with the first.

Title: Heart of Rage
Author: James Swallow
Narrator: Toby Longworth
Blurb: Aboard the Imperial Navy frigate Emathia, Brother-Librarian Nord and Brother-sergeant Kale of the Blood Angels make a startling discovery - an alien Tyranid hive ship, half-destroyed and drifting through space! Under orders from the Magos Xeren, the Blood Angels board the ship to locate a lost scout team. But their fate is far from straightforward. Little do Nord and Kale realize the horrors awaiting them. For they not only risk their bodies but their very sanity as well.

This Blood Angels audio drama pits the noble sons of Sanguinius against the Tyranids - a classic Warhammer 40,000 matchup. Not only is the story full of visceral action, but also gives an insight into the psychological horror of the Tyranid menace.

Running Time:75 Minutes.


As you may have all noticed, I am enjoying a lot of audiobooks of late. The reason for this is a general feeling of burnout to read out. It always happens this time of year as I am distracted by the fall, but this is a win for me as I double down on the audio stories. So Heart of Rage was actually one of the first official audio dramas to be created for Black Library. And what a way to start, the sound effects and music really help to suck you in. It truly created a scary story for the narrator to work in.

We join a team on a mission for a Magos of the Biologis Mechanics. Their mission is to search and locate a missing scout force. The Team is led by Sergeant Kale and Librarian Nord of the highly loved Blood Angels chapters. As they close to the target floating through space, the team soon learns they are heading into a Tyranid Hive Ship (quite possibly one of the most dangerous locations to be found within the 40k galaxy) and that their goal may not willingly want to come back.

We are treated to a story of intrigue and betrayal, with the story itself borrowing a lot of classic sci-fi arcs. Toby Longsworth once again brings to life a cast of characters that hook you in for the entire story, whilst James Swallow creates another absorbing story that held me from start to finish.

At 71 minutes this made for the perfect length to enjoy in a sitting. As I sat listening with my headphones on I couldn't help but jump now and again. This for me was a great tale, especially as I got an Alien-vibe from the overall story and this is a style of story telling I love the most.

Great work Black Library!

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