How to Paint Warlord Games & 2000 AD Slaine Skull Swords

Following on from the Slaine Starter set unboxing (Youtube) comes my quick and easy guide to painting the three Skulls Swords in the box. I use Army Painter Speed Paints over a white primer in this video. Interest in these paints? Follow this link to Amazon.

Skull Swords Background Skull Swords are characters from the 2000 AD strip Sláine. They are the personal soldiers of Lord Weird Slough Feg, Slough Throt and the other Drune Lords. In general, the job of a Skull Sword is to act as brute muscle, killing civilians, looting villages and bringing their master's sacrifices. They made their début in the first-ever episode of Sláine when they wanted to arrest Sláine and Ukko for the impious act of killing a time monster (a sort of enormous dinosaur). The pair foiled them by escaping into the sewers. Skull Swords were next seen taking a third of the healthy children from a village as 'tribute' so they could be fed to the Lord Weird Slough Feg. The desperate villagers were told that there would be more food to go around without their children. Drune Lords like to sacrifice 'criminals' to the worm god Crom-Cruach in a Wickerman. When there aren't enough criminals to fill the Wickerman, they make the numbers up with Skull Swords. During the 'Horned King' saga, many Skull Swords turned on their masters after Sláine informed them they would be killed once they had outlived their usefulness. A small number remained loyal but only ended up being killed by Sláine and his axe Brainbiter. Support the channel

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