How to Paint: Tabletop Ready Craftworld Aeldari Lugganath


How to Paint: Tabletop Ready Craftworld Aeldari Lugganath. If you enjoy all things Aeldari, check out my playlist here: YouTube Playlist

Lugganath is a minor Craftworld of the Aeldari. In the Aeldari Lexicon, their name translates as "Light of the Fallen Suns." The Lugganath world-rune, the "Black Sun," references the lost glory of the original Aeldari Empire's star systems.

If a viewer were to look far enough into the void, he would be able to perceive the last light of those dead stars -- as close to a metaphor for hope as the Aeldari of Lugganath knows.

Craftworld Lugganath is known to wander the western regions of the Segmentum Obscurus. Lugganath is the traditional home of the Fir Iolarion Aeldari Titan clan.

The Lugganath Aeldari have turned their backs upon the material realm, for they consider its worlds already lost. Perceived as little better than Corsairs by other Craftworlds, the Aeldari of Craftworld Lugganath is a society of renegades.

They seek to foster close ties with the Harlequins of the Laughing God, as the Lugganath Aeldari hope to abandon this galaxy, start civilization afresh, and claim the Webway as their realm, possibly reclaiming the Labyrinthine Dimension from the Drukhari as well.

It is their ultimate plan to secede from realspace entirely by finding a Webway gate large and stable enough to sail their Craftworld through and a hidden spar of the galactic labyrinth in which to create a new home and thus find salvation for the Aeldari within its twilight expanse.

Having cast off many rigid ways of Aeldari culture, the Craftworld has become a haven for outcasts of all kinds. They continually foster closer ties with the Harlequins, for their knowledge of the Webway is unrivalled.

Aeldari Corsair fleets cluster around the docking towers of the Craftworld, amongst them the notorious Sunblitz Brotherhood. Under the watchful gaze of their Farseers, the hard-eyed people of Lugganath mingle freely with these warriors of the fringe. When Lugganath gathers for war, its armies are an eclectic mix of standing and auxiliary forces, a riot of colour in a galaxy grey with age.

The Lugganath Craftworld is last known to have been active in the western quadrant of the Segmentum Obscurus in recent millennia. In 801.M41 forces from Lugganath attacked the stronghold of the Steel Hearts and destroyed this Chapter of Renegade Chaos Space Marines in its entirety. Later in 805.M41 forces from Lugganath aided in stymieing a daemonic incursion on Cathox Prime's world and suppressing an uprising by Chaos Cultists on the world of Cathox Gamma.

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