Comic Review 214 // Batman Adventures: Riddle Me This by Scott Peterson

We are back with more comics that my kids picked! My youngest was on a Batman kick this week, so we had to pick up a Riddler-themed comic!

Title: Batman Adventures: Riddle Me This!

Author: Scott Peterson

 Art: Tim Levins

Blurb: Riddler continues to tease Batman's brain...and all of Gotham as he leaves his riddles behind...some of them even solving the crimes of other criminals! And when a copycat tries to steal the Riddler's style, who will find them first-Batman or the Riddler? (less)

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Format: Paperback, 124 pages


It's going to be a quick review this week. There is something to be said about a simple Batman comic. There are no overarching dramas, motives or the fear of death. It is just clean, fun Batman. Of course, this is because it is aimed at a younger audience, but I am here for that!

The artwork is simple and straightforward; it pops on the page, similar to a still image of an animated cartoon, and this plays well with the simplified themes of the adventures. We got a great bunch of Riddler stories, which kept my son amused and I engaged. Overall a fun evening read before bed; I highly recommend it if only for the joy of family time.

This, of course, does not stand up to a classic, but it shouldn't have to. It is fun, engaging and enjoyable. Give it a go!

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