Comic Review 213 // DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science

What happens when you let your 5-year-old daughter pick the comic. You have an enjoyable night reading something you may not have tried yourself! This title surprised me and I will be letting the little one pick the titles more often.

Title: DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science (Collects issues #1-14)

Author: Amanda Deibert

Art: Yancey Labat

Blurb: DC Super Hero Girls: Weird Science continues to develop the relationships forged throughout the beloved DC Super Hero Girls series, this time through the magical lens of Zatanna!

It's science fair time at Metropolis High, and the DC Super Hero Girls are very excited--except for Zee Zatara. Magic is her life, and science seems so dull in comparison. When she tries to help her friends with their projects, things keep going wrong. Is her magic causing their science to go haywire?

Format: 168 pages, Paperback

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This series takes place in Metropolis High, where our Super Heroes have to maintain their alter-egos, save the world and get an A+ in the chemistry test. Watching the characters hop back and forth without realizing who the others are is funny. The artwork is very well suited to a younger audience and I know for a fact my son and daughter really enjoyed it.

Another surprising factor for me was the story. It is a worthwhile piece and not just a throwaway. Over the 14 issues, we get to experience the different characters and their projects really well all seen from the view point of Zatanna, whilst having a building underlying threat. It even had a nice twist in the ending.

Great for young readers and proof to an old reader that I should branch out more!

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