Book Review 209 // Missing in Action Dan Abnett


Back on the Dan Abnett train. For me, Abnett is 40k from a human viewpoint. He is very good at keeping us grounded in a galaxy of vengeful gods and superhuman soldiers. I hope this will kick off my reading once more, as I have been struggling on that front of late.

Title: Missing in Action (Eisenhorn #1.5)
Author: Dan Abnett
Blurb: Investigating a series of murders leads Inquisitor Eisenhorn into the clutches of a Chaos cult in this short story set between Xenos and Malleus, previously available in the Eisenhorn Omnibus.


The refresher to get us from Xenos into Malleus. We join Inquisitor Gregor Eisenhorn as he recovers from injuries dealt out in Xenos. To get back to work, the Inquisitor and his team head to the planet of Sameter to deal with a low-threat, straightforward case. Which seems to go off without any issues. Unfortunately, that wasn't the only case on the planet, and soon he is involved in a ritual mutilation case that seems to be centred around a Chaos Cult.

Ultimately an Arbite (police) style adventure, we soon get some gun-blazing action as the Cult will have to be purged. Overall classic Abnett with Characters I love reading about. Highly recommend this!

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