Book Review 208 // War of the Orks Cavan Scottt

Continuing the youth adventure series Warhammer Adventures with War of the Orks. I'm slightly disappointed by using an "S" over a "Z."

Title: War of the Orks (Warped Galaxies #4)

Author: Cavan Scott

Blurb: The fourth book in the Warped Galaxies series. An exciting new series of sci-fi books for middle-grade readers from Black Library. Brave champions and the forces of the Imperium battle alien beasts and mechanical tyrants across the gulf of space.

Still searching for the Emperor’s Seat, Zelia, Talen, and Mekki arrive on the jungle planet of Weald. Accompanied by the ingenious Fleapit and the dashing Rogue Trader Amity, Zelia and her friends become embroiled in a war between two brutish tribes of green-skinned orks! Only by using their wits can they hope to survive this savage encounter…

Format: Paperback, 224 pages


Having barely survived the Tau attack, the children fled with Rogue Trader Amity to continue their search for the Emperor's Seat. Turns out it might be located in a nearby Jungle world. The only problem is it is home to two warring tribes of Orks!

Probably the most comical book so far. The Orks are well played as a for-laughs foe. Scary in a way, a psycho is, one minute happy, the next moment killing those around them. It's a solid entry to the series and continues to push the story along at a good pace. I'm a little sad there are only two books left! I don't want it to end.

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