Audio Review 99 // Eye of Terra: Ironfire by Rob Sanders

We are getting their friends. These Eye of Terra shorts are starting to clock in fast now! This time sees us return to my original 2nd Edition Chaos Army - The Iron Warriors. I have had a soft spot in my heart for a while now for this legion, and luckily the Horus stories do them enough justice so far. Will it continue with this one? Read on.

Title: Ironfire

Author: Rob Sanders

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Blurb: His body broken by the fall of the Schadenhold, the Iron Warriors warsmith Idriss Krendl is nonetheless far from defeated. Now commanding two of the mighty siege guns stolen from the forge world of Diamat, he seeks to redeem himself in the eyes of his primarch by bringing down the Great Selenic palace on Euphorus, and gather invaluable tactical data for the eventual assault on Terra. His plan? To utilise a strategy of his own devising – the glorious Ironfire protocol.

Follow the continuing adventures of Iron Warriors Warsmith Idriss Krendl as he attempts to take down a giant palace with a pair of the enormous siege guns. We last met Krendl in the story The Iron Within, where he went head to head with the loyalist Dantioch. After that humiliation, he's trying to recover his reputation with an audacious plan.


Well, this review fell conveniently as in Book Review 99, Horus Heresy: Age of Darkness, we last met the main character Idriss Krendl. Is this the gods lining up the 99s, or am I just going mad?

What I love best about these shorts is that we get to follow up stories and side quests of characters that play no fundamental part in the final outcome. Still, their adventures are essential in showcasing how a legion is falling or how they manage to reach the endpoint. This title is an excellent example of this, with Krendl going from being the antagonist to the protagonist. Having suffered at Schadenhold, Krendl has everything to prove now. With the mighty siege guns stolen from the forge world of Diamat, Krendl plans to test out a new strategy of his own devising. The only problem is he has to win the battle; otherwise, the traitor forces may fracture more.

Listening to the Iron Warriors wage brutal siege warfare against the Emperor's Children was worth the admission price. The all-out risk taken by Krendl and the follow-up to what had happened to the Siege Weapons were all very welcomed. 

A great listen, for sure!

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