Audio Review 98 // Eye of Terra: Vorax by Matthew Farrer

Continuing our adventures into the collected short stories from the Eye of the Terra. This week's short has us joining the Dark Mechanicum! Ekk!

Title: Vorax

Author: Matthew Farrer

Blurb: The Ring of Iron encircles Mars like a broken halo, standing as the last contested outpost of the Dark Mechanicum inside the Imperial Fists’ blockade. But those rogue priests and adepts lurking in the depths will soon face a new enemy, and the hunters shall become the prey...


That was short! The pacing was good, the story fun, and it is always fun to join the bad guys on an adventure. Matthew Farrer is an author I am starting to see more and more. I enjoyed his opening title for the Enforcer series, and I know I am in safe hands for a gripping tale.

Set within the Ring of Iron around Mars, we join a Dark Mechanicum adept as he attempts to set traps for the loyalist forces. Though not much has been written so far, this battle location was perhaps the second most important location during the war, beaten only by Terra itself.

With such a small amount of time given to this tale, Farrer does a great job at building up the panic, along with the crushing weight of the situation. As we watch the Dark Mechanicum stalked by the Vorax Battle-Automata, who will win?

I do highly recommend reading/listening to this one, but with it being so short I would only recommend picking it up as part of the anthology. As a side note...Black Library! Give Farrer more page space, please!

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