Audio Review 102 // The Gates of Terra by Nick Kyme


Continuing the trend of super quick Horus Heresy listens comes The Gates of Terra by Nick Kyme. I'm on the fence with Kyme's work as it has been rather hit or miss. So fingers crossed:

Title: The Gates of Terra
Author: Nick Kyme
Blurb: As the Heresy spreads across the galaxy and confusion reigns, only one thing is certain: Horus and his traitor Legions will eventually strike at Terra. But he will not find it unguarded - the Ardent Reef, an encircling ring of gun bastions and asteroid bases, is but one amongst many such lines of defence. Captain Arcadese of the Ultramarines finds himself in command of a host of his battle-brothers, as the renegade Warmaster's fleet launches its final assault on the Throneworld. Will he hold the line even in the face of almost certain death, or will his own loyalty waver in those final moments?


Wow this was a quick listen. I am enjoying these shorts but some of them do not warrant the price tag associated with them. The Gates of Terra follows Captain Arcadese of the Ultramarines as he attempts to defend an area of space known as the Ardent Reef. Facing down the forces of Warmaster Arcadese starts to get a strange feeling he has done this all before...

A bit of a depressing tale as we learn that Malcador is up to some suspicious mind games as he prepares for the final assault to land at Terra. Ultimately this is a story that didn't need telling, nor charging for. I did enjoy it, but at such a quick listen this should be given away for free.

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