Comic Review 212 // Slaine: Book of Invasions Vol.3 by Pat Mills

We made it, people! Sláine: The Books Of Invasions, Vol. 3 - Odracon and Carnival by Pat Mills, the concluding part of this story arc and the exciting ending of this tale. Let's no waste time and just dive in.

Title: Sláine: The Books Of Invasions, Vol. 3 - Odracon and Carnival
Author: Pat Mills
Illustrator: Clint Langley

Blurb: Tir Nan Og is the Land of the Young, deep in Celtic myth and legend. After years of wandering, Slaine united the tribes of the Earth Goddess and became the first High King of Ireland. After defending the Goddess in other eras, he has since returned to his own time and kingdom. Now, as the Fomorians besiege the city of Tara, Slaine comes back from the Otherworld to help.


- The Books of Invasions V: Odacon (Progs #1436–#1442)

- Carnival (Progs 2006, #1469–#1475) (less)

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Format: Hardcover, 128 pages


Slaine is returned just in time to save Tara from the Fomorians. But not all the Fomorians are killed in the action, and soon a band of warriors led by Slaine are searching the lands for the last of them. The Fomorian in question is Odacon and with aid manages to dup a village into becoming hosts for its spawn. Soon Slaine and his band are striking out against the village before burning it and the foul spawn to the ground. Here ends the arc of the Invasion tales and the lands of Ireland are purged from the Fomorians. As the final pages come to an end Slaine is left to wander in search of his son Kai, whilst Gael is crowned High King of Ireland.

A nice ending for this series. Weirdly this could have been squeezed into the last book in my opinion. But with it being only half this title we can move on to the next piece.

Carnival of Night - Slaine whilst looking for his son Kai has arrived in Albion. As he travels the lands he discovers a travelling Carnival that declares to have a collection of monsters and marvels that can not be rivalled. Well as it turns out it is managed/owned by Slaine's Dwarf ally Ukko, who managed to also recruit Kai, Slaine's son. Kai has grown and become a man, along with finding a partner in Estella, the sleepless beauty. Of course, with Slaine on the scene, the story has to have some mystery/action and soon it is discovered that a murder stalks the grounds of the Carnival. Can Kai, Slaine and Ukko discover the truth or will the show be about to end?

A great return of Ukko and the story itself was engaging, this felt very much like old-school Slaine. It was actually the highlight of the book for me. But with the end of this tale, we have another Slaine story finished.

Let me know your thoughts on this tale. Also, any suggestions on what title to read next will greatly help.

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