Comic Review 211 // Slaine: Book of Invasions Volume 2 by Pat Mills.

Can't leave Slaine alone for too long! He gets into trouble way too fast. This week's read is Slaine: Book of Invasions Volume 2 by Pat Mills. So sharpen your axe, and let's dive in!

Title: Sláine: The Books of Invasions, Volume 2.

Author: Pat Mills

Artist: Clint Langley

Blurb: Barbarian warrior and former High King of Ireland Sláine continues the epic battle against the fearsome sea demons, but now he finds an ally from an unexpected source. Together they must rid Tir Nan Og of the Fomorian scourge, using every means at their disposal, including calling on help from the Earth Goddess herself!


- The Books of Invasions III: Scota (Progs 2004 and #1371–#1376)

- The Books of Invasions IV: Tara (Progs 2005 and #1420–#1425)

Format: Kindle, 100 pages

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Unsurprisingly this title swiftly follows on from Volume One. Having just defeated the first round of Formanians and Moloch, Slaine returns to Ireland to once again another invading force. As warned by Moloch, the children of Atlantis have returned and plan to take Ireland.

We are introduced to a new race of Fomorian sea demons who have to meld with a host to be able to walk on the land, and we get a genuinely fearsome-looking enemy! The leading group has taken on a host of warriors who seem noble in spirit but have no will of their own anymore. Once more battle is joined, skulls are taken, and blood is everywhere. We get action, betrayal, a love story and a lot of sadness.

The new characters are fascinating, and we start to see some new lore slipping in from outside the traditional Celtic tales. Scota, for example, brings some Egyptian folktales over with the inclusion of Atlantis. The villains also seem extra villainous, willing to sacrifice the hosts if it means a final chance at a backstab. They can also wholly reanimate injured and damaged bodies, meaning you must completely put them down to stand a chance against them! Following some brutal battles, this tale ends with the Fomorians at the Gates of the City Tara. If this city falls, so will all of Ireland!

Overall, this title has something for everyone; I enjoyed it so much. This series has definitely felt like a move away from traditional Slaine. But I don't think that is a bad thing. If Slaine were to stay the same, his stories would become repetitive and dull, so I feel the Invasion series was much needed to refreshen the series. What are your thoughts? Let me know!

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