Comic Review 210 // Star Wars: Ewoks - Flight to Danger

After every Slaine comic, there needs to be a refresher! And what better than a reissued comic from the Star Wars franchise featuring the 1980s Ewoks.

Title: Star Wars: Ewoks - Flight to Danger

Author: Dave Manak


Blurb: Journey to the forest world of Endor for adorable adventures with the Ewoks! Join Wicket Warrick, his friend Teebo, and Chief Chirpa's daughter Princess Kneesaa in colourful capers filled with rainbow bridges and rites of power! Who dares brave the Valley of Evil? Where will the Ewoks land when a mission of honour turns into a flight to danger? And what is the incredible secret of the Terrible Machine? There are dangers, discoveries and deadly games for the Ewoks - but beware, Captain Krag! Fear the perilous laughing spell! And, whatever you do, avoid the Ice Demon's touch of doom! The cuddly stars of Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi take center stage in fun-filled stories guaranteed to make you sing Yub Nub! COLLECTING: EWOKS 1-10

Format: Graphic Novel. 240 pages, Paperback (Library find)


Firstly this is no longer a canon piece; instead sent off to the vaults of Legends (like a lot of the good stuff!). This piece is set during the short-lived morning cartoons "The Ewoks," - which is now on Disney+, so watch it. The TV show was silly, fun, and perfect for young children, and this comic continues that theme. In the show, it turns out Endor has many ecosystems and lifeforms - from swamps, deserts and dangerous Lizardmen, Space Pirates and Ogres! It would seem Endor is a death planet full of danger!

As with the TV show, all the action follows Wicket, Teebo and Princess Kneesa as they bounce from danger to adventure and back again. The stories are light-hearted and magical, almost like a fantasy setting than sci-fi. It is an excellent piece of escapism and took me instantly back to my childhood. I'm glad I took the risk and was happy to share it with the children. Now to finish rewatching the cartoons.

Have a great week!

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