Audio Review 96 // Eye of Terra: Brotherhood of the Moon by Chris Wraight

Continuing our way through the Eye of Terror collection of short tales. Today has a White Scar tale! They seem to be getting a lot of love at the moment. They are among my least favourite legions, so I hope a story will change my opinion.

Title: Brotherhood of the Moon (Black Library Advent Calendar 2014 #22)

Author: Chris Wraight


Accused of treachery, Torghun Khan of the White Scars tells his tale...

Find out how the warrior lodges that lead so many Legions to treachery took root in the White Scars Legion. A must-read for any fan of Chris Wraight's Horus Heresy White Scars fiction, such as Brotherhood of the Storm and Scars.

In the aftermath of the rebellion within his Legion, Jaghatai Khan ordered the trials of his wayward sons to determine whether or not they would atone. The proud Terran legionary Torghun Khan now stands before his accusers and must account for the events that could have led him into outright heresy... 


This story didn't change my opinion about the Scars, but it was interesting.

Following the open rebellion within his legion, the Great Khan ordered a trial for all his 'Wayward Sons". One son is Torghun Khan, and while he is interrogated, he attempts to reason his actions with the hopes of turning the Great Khan to Horus' side. The story does provide some great insight and lore into why the rebellion happened, showing how some of the legions forged bonds with the Luna Wolves. And they would instead follow their honour than the command of the Emperor!

Overall some fascinating insight into this legion, but nothing that sways me into like them. What am I missing with the Scars? Why can't I get on board with them? Do they improve in the series soon? Send me your opinions.

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