Audio Review 95 // Eye of Terra: Massacre (Short Story) by Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Next on the Eye of Terra listening list is Massacre by Aaron Dembski-Bowden, which sees some iconic villains of the 40k verse in the 30k setting. This should prove to be interesting.

Title: Massacre

Author: Aaron Dembski-Bowden

Blurb: The Night Lords of First Claw fight their way through the horrors of the Dropsite Massacre in a series of vignettes leading them inexorably to the darkness of heresy…

It's the characters you know and (maybe) love from Aaron Dembski-Bowden's Night Lords trilogy, during the Horus Heresy.

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Love a Night Lords story! Especially when Aaron Dembski-Bowden is involved. It's a very quick listen, very quick. It deserved more time, for sure. It basically follows Bowden's iconic characters during the Horus Heresy. We get to join Talos, Xarl, Cyrion and the Exalted as they fight before pre-and post-Dropsite Massacre.

The entire story is done through the eyes of Talos, the First Claws Apothecary. And it shows them in their absolute prime. Working armour, plenty of ammo and enemies everywhere. These warriors are the living embodiment of their chapter, full of dark humour, cynical thoughts and actions of callous fighting.

It's what you want and expect of a Nightlords Legion. It really deserves more time to grow the tale. I personally wished they have a full novel to themselves.

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