Warlord Games Slaine 2000 AD - Unboxing

So excited about this! We have a Warlord Games Slaine 2000 AD Unboxing video. I am full of a head cold, so my voice is cracky. I'm sorry, but I had to share. Show me some love with a like, comment or subscribe.

Let me introduce you to Sláine Mac Roth! A Celtic barbarian infamous for his love of fighting and devotion to his tribe and the Earth Goddess Danu! 

This all-new Warlord Games boxset is called Kiss My Axe! And is a skirmish tabletop miniatures battle game for two or more players set within the fantasy world created by the comic creators Pat Mills and Angela Kincaid.

It's a fantastic setting of Axes, swords and magic. Allowing you to become a villain or a hero in the Young World (early Ireland). Three factions: the Earth Tribes of the Goddess Danu, the decaying Drune Lords and the relentless Fomorian Sea Demons, wage war for this new land.

I'm so excited!! Hope you enjoy it and will subscribe to follow my adventures into the worlds of Slaine.

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