Comic Review 208 // SLÁINE: BOOK OF INVASIONS VOL. 1

We are back with Slaine, and it is the start of the Invasion Series. Quite possibly the most chilling story I remember from my 2000 AD days. Here are the details:

Title: Sláine: The Books of Invasions, Vol. 1 - Moloch and Golamh (Sláine #10)

Author: Pat Mills

Artist: Clint Langley

Blurb: The Sea Devils have risen against Tir Nan Og, the Land of the Young, and Sláine, once the first High King of Ireland, must protect his tribe against this new tide of evil. Leading the demons is Moloch a hideous Fomorian lord, bristling with swords and driven by a perverse hunger for human suffering. Fighting alongside his warrior wife Niamh, Sláine must drive back the demons or pay a price too terrible to comprehend...


- The Books of Invasions I: Moloch (Progs #1322–#1326)

- The Books of Invasions II: Golamh (Progs #1350–#1355) (less)

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It's an all-out war! The Fomorians aka Sea Devils have been roused to war by Balor of the Evil Eye. He leads them in an invasion of Ireland where Slaine currently serves as High King. The Fomorians having claimed a lot of lands started demanding heavy taxes, and this inspires the Irish to rise up against them.

The battle does not go well, mainly because Slaine is not allowed to fight and is actually chained up! Hearing the slaughter Slaine warps out, escaping and turning the tide of battle. Slaine goes on to kill Balor and even manages to capture Moloch, a High Lord of the Fomorians. Once again Slaine is held back from killing the monster and is instead forced to accept a truce and allow Moloch to leave unharmed! This of course was the wrong choice, and the villainous Moloch returns to murder Slaine's love Quenn Niamh.

Soon Slaine is on a War Path looking for Moloch, having stood down as High King. Moloch didn't really stand a chance and as he dies he warns Slaine that the Lost Children of Atlantis is coming and that another invasion is inevitable. Soon Slaine is heading home but how much of Ireland will be left?

An amazing start to this new series. I am excited for the new villains and a Slaine with no regard for his own safety. The artwork was stunning and captured my attention with all the fine details. The Niamh story was painful and heart-wrenching, well played Mr. Mills. I need to book two so expect that one next week.

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