Comic Review 207 // Dear Super-Villains by Michael Northrop

I'm still on a Slaine break, but not for long. I have been exploring some children-level comics to fill my downtime and reset my brain. Reading them to my kids and enjoying the experience of them learning about what could be a fun new passion for them.

Of course, this is a library find, and it turns out it is book two in the series. Let's get going.

Title: Dear Super-Villains (Dear DC #2)

Author: Michael Northrop

Art: Gustavo Duarte

Blurb: Peek inside the lives of DC's infamous rogues in DEAR SUPER-VILLAINS, the sequel to DEAR JUSTICE LEAGUE, where curious kids write to notorious scoundrels, asking them about life on the dark side.

How did Gorilla Grodd get so bright? Did Harley Quinn ever try a career in comedy? Why does Catwoman permanently lose to Batman?

Each chapter highlights members of the Legion of Doom in a compassionate way that is relatable to kids. But look closely, and you may notice the baddies are up to something big! Will the Justice League show up in time to stop them? You'll have to write into the Tip-line of Evil to find out!

Format: Graphic Novel. 176 pages, Paperback

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A creative short story comic/novel all linked together by an over arcing secret mission. Each story is started by a different member of the Legion of Doom, opening fan mail and answering the child's question.

The art was fun, captured my children's attention, and led to questions. It is rather cute looking, making it very user-friendly when reading to younger children. The writing is quick and witty, allowing for a fast-flowing story, which is an excellent plus for younger readers. We also get a very good showcasing of the Legion of Doom. We read about Harley Quinn, Catwomen, Katana, Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Gorilla Grodd, Giganta and Sinestro! Turns out I am a fan of Lex Luthor, my son Black Manta and my Daughter Gorilla Grodd. At least I now know what to start looking for in future comics.

Overall, Dear Super-Villains was a fun read, and we spread out across the week with a story a night, and we were sad to finish it. Now to find the hero version.

Have you read this? Let me know.

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