Comic Review 205 // Missionary Man: Going South

I’ve had this comic on my shelf for way too long—time to correct the error of my ways and to complete this title. Let’s go!

Title: Missionary Man: Goin’ South

Author: Gordon Ronnie

Artist team: Simon Davis, Alex Ronald, Henry Flint, Jesus Redondo, Roberto Corona, John Burns & Ron Smith.

Format: Hardcover, 216 pages


Preacher Cain- known as the 'Missionary Man' out in the radlands of the Cursed Earth- was once a feared Texas City Judge until he took the Long Walk into the blasted wastes. There he embarked upon a holy mission to bring law to the lawless and God to the godless, one bullet at a time. But Cain's corrupt and ruthless former colleagues in the Lone Star Justice Department see him as a threat- one that they'll take extreme measures to silence...

Unsurprisingly this title is all about ex-Texas Senior Judge Saul Cain. Who now goes by the name Preacher. The main tale for me has to be The Big Sleazy. Which sees us travelling to New Orleans post-nuclear war, the villains are scary, and I want to recreate them for the tabletop somehow. I also enjoyed how they managed to bring the Cursed Earth to life, be it through the clever artwork or the ability to transfer Western-style themes to the post-apocalyptic. I very much enjoyed the escapism of this tale.
The second half has us in the safe hands of John Wagner and travelling through some simple Cursed Earth adventures. It’s an excellent way to end the book.
Ultimately a very safe title. It was a great afternoon escape but in no way an epic.
Have you read it? Let me know. As always, Cheers for reading.

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