Book Review 198 // The Racer by Rock Forsberg

I've sat on this title for way too long. And when you consider this one of my most popular reads of late, I am ashamed for having waited so long. Time to enter the Antigravity Racing League and discover the beginning of these fun stories. Side note: it is accessible on Forsberg's website for free (link below).

Title: The Racer: Antigravity Racing Story (Antigravity Racing League)

Author: Rock Forsberg

Format: Kindle Edition Read for Free here.

Blurb: The Racer: An Antigravity Racing Short Story.

A gifted sixteen-year-old antigravity racer gets an opportunity to rise to the global league, but when the competition gets dirty, he must learn that there's more to success than running fast on the track.


Can't lie. This was a quick read. I should have started with this title before hitting the series, but hindsight is a fantastic gift. 

It is a classic coming-of-age teenage drama piece, as we follow a teenager as he attempts to progress through the antigravity leagues. We have mentors, rivals, challenges and important life lessons along the way. With it being a short story, it was sometimes easy to forget who was who, but you soon catch on. The title itself had an easygoing flow, which made reading it a pleasure and Forsberg is definitely moving into my top three to-read authors of 2022.

I plan to try out some of his other sci-fi and see where that can take us. But for now, all I can say is; to go download this, read it, and if you enjoy it purchase his opening title in the series, the Entrant.

As always, I appreciate you taking a moment to read this, and anything you do to support my channels is greatly appreciated.


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