Audio Review 92 // Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom by Mike Brooks

Finally, a new Huron Blackheart novel. This is a villain I love to read about. I am a massive fan of the Astral Claws and now the Red Corsairs. I fall into the Camp that believes Huron did not do wrong and was wrongly punished by the High Lords. That is also a hill I will die on! But what happens when you combine my favourite 40k villain with one of my newest favourite authors? Will it be magic? Let us find out.

Title: Huron Blackheart: Master of the Maelstrom

Author: Mike Brooks

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Blurb: A Warhammer 40,000 Novel

The renegade leader of the Red Corsairs must adapt to an Imperium led by Roboute Guilliman, all while struggling to retain power in the face of dissension among his vicious followers.

See how the galaxy has changed for the Red Corsairs after the Great Rift through the eyes of their infamous reaving leader – Huron Blackheart – who once preyed freely on a weakened Imperium.

Huron Blackheart is the lord of the Red Corsairs, master of the lawless Maelstrom and its piratical denizens – but oathbreakers and renegades can seldom rely on the loyalty of their followers. With the galaxy thrown into turmoil by the return of Roboute Guilliman, the former Tyrant of Badab faces renewed Imperium and fresh challengers emerging within his own ranks.

Huron must call on every trick he knows to stay in control – and alive. Yet even a warrior as ferocious and opportunistic as the Blood Reaver must be wary, for although there are many bargains he can strike, all power comes at a price…

Format: Audiobook, but it would have been 208 pages.


I remember a long time ago, in my early 40k days, finding a second-hand White Dwarf and inside was the story of the Badab War. This story stuck with me; the idea of the heroes being the villains without being Chaos filled me with intrigue. Fast forward, and the Badab story would be updated by Forgeworld and spark my love of this story.

Huron Black, the Tyrant of Badab, is, of course, the centre piece character, and of course, I fell in love with the Astral Claws, ultimately believing they did no wrong. Now as the Red Corsairs, they are the perfect villains! Striking out at the empire that wronged them and turning to the darkness to aid them.

This isn't Huron's first outing, but it is Mike Brooks' first time at the lead. Brooks does a fantastic job at telling us about a modern timeline Huron. We get to witness the power struggles of a Warlord who may control a strength to rival Abbaddon but can no longer rely on the loyalty of those around him. Instead, we see Huron using his charm, charisma, and power to undermine and control the known rivals.

Overall I enjoyed the title, the power struggles, the name drops of much-loved characters, and the introductions of new and exciting heroes. Also, getting the inside view of the building struggles Huron now faces makes him more human than most Space Marine characters. I hope we get more about this hero soon, and I want to see how his story will progress in the 40k verse. Now, I must resist the urge to purchase Chaos Space Marines.

As always, I truly appreciate you taking the time read. Cheers!

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