Audio Review 90 // Alien: Prototype by Tim Waggoner

Seems like an age since my last Alien title. So I was rather happy to see this audible title pop up in my timeline. I felt I needed a Warhammer break, and this seems to be the perfect title.

Title: Alien: Prototype (Aliens / Predator / Prometheus)

Author: Tim Waggoner

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Dead cargo!

Venture, a direct rival to the Weyland-Yutani corporation, will accept any risk to crush the competition. Thus, when a corporate spy "acquires" a bizarre, leathery egg from a hijacked vessel, she takes it directly to the Venture testing facility on Jericho 3.

Though unaware of its danger, the scientists there recognize their prize's immeasurable value. Early tests reveal little, however, and they inevitably conclude that they need a human test subject...

Enter Zula Hendricks.

A Jericho 3 security staff member, Colonial Marines veteran Zula Hendricks, has been tasked with training personnel to deal with anything the treacherous planet can throw their way. Yet nothing can prepare them for the horror that appears - a creature more hideous than any Zula has encountered.

Unless stopped, it will kill every human being on the planet. 


I did not expect Zula Hendricks in this tale, and I loved it. That will teach me to not read the blurbs before diving in. In this tale, we have two main, strong female leads. Up first is Zula Hendricks, an ex-colonial Marine now security team trainer and Tamar Prather, a simple procurer of items, aka, a corporate spy for hire. These two characters are set within a corporate station owned by Venture - a similar company to Weyland-Yutani.

The tale starts as all good things do with Tamar procuring an alien egg for Venture. Once there, the scientists begin their tests and realize that the only actual test must involve a human subject (why?). Of course, the shit hits the fan quickly, and soon the base collapses. Luckily Hendricks is nearby and rallies her team for a Xeno hunt!

Ultimately the two main leads are kick ass for different reasons. Hendricks for being the strong, brave leader type and Tamar for the classic save my ass archetype. The scientist is crazy/stupid/evil enough to unleash the monster, and the android though comical at the start becomes a solid character by the end. You can tell Waggoner enjoys the lore and cares about the storytelling process. Everything made sense. Zula being there felt natural and realistic, rather than a forced "hey, use this character" concept. Also, the way they made the Xenomorph even more deadly was well handled and cleverly thought out. All I can say is to watch out for genetic corruption without giving spoilers. The pacing was quick, and at no point did my interest wane. This is an excellent Alien book, and I recommend listening or reading it if a fan of the series.

Have you read it? Let me know in the comments below which title I should seek next. Thank you for reading and supporting the blog.

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