Imperium Magazine 1 Battle Report - First Contact

Welcome to another Youtube update (not following well; time to subscribe! Also, it is free). This week we officially kick off the battle report series for Imperium Magazine. I will run through all 80 battle reports from this magazine using only painted models (the challenge is on!).

This series of magazines comes with figures/paint/terrain or a combo of pieces. Inside, you usually get some unit info, lore, building guide, paint guide and finally, a battle report.

Kicking this off is Issue One, First Contact! We are using my freshly painted Executioners Space Marine Lieutenant squaring off against a Royal Warden of the Novokh Dynasty, all set within War Zone Damasus.

Will the Lieutenant be able to stop the Necron from activating a Repair Node? Or will the Royal Warden reactivate the systems that will awaken the warriors of this tomb complex deep under the moon of Megaria? Watch now to find out.

I truly appreciate the people reading these posts and those of you who have jumped to my YouTube channel. Thank you!

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