Comic review 201 // Slaine: The treasures of Britain by Pat Mills

Hard to believe I am now on book seven in the Slaine series! I really wasn't sure heading into the Slaine stories if I would enjoy them or not. For me, the idea of Slaine was very much like Conan, but as I have read more, I have realized how different they are. Pat Mills is a true treasure of Britain! Now on to the graphic novel.

Title: Slaine: The Treasures Of Britain

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Author: Pat Mills

Illustrator: Dermot Power

Fluff: Slaine Mac Roth - Celtic warrior and High King of the tribes of the Earth Goddess Danu, has been summoned through time to the age of Camelot. King Arthur has fallen in battle, and a curse has caused darkness to fall upon the kingdom. To heal the land, Merlin and Morgaine la Fee need Sláine (accompanied by his unfaithful sidekick Ukko, the Dwarf) to retrieve the lost 'Treasures of Britain' - magical artifacts also being sought out by the Saxon plunderer Hengwulf. These powerful items are defended by the demon-like Cyth, who harvest human misery to revive their masters - the Dark Gods of Cythrawl!

Format: Epub

Other info: First published October 15, 1997


Now, as many kids have been. I was enthralled by knights, castles, Camelot and Arthur. So I was happy to see Slaine getting thrown into the mix. The story takes place after Arthur falls in combat with his son Mordred. The land of Brittania has been covered in darkness, Saxons and Christianity. To save the kingdom, the rivals of Merlin and Morgaine La Fee combine their powers to call on the Great Dragon of Britain to bring forth a hero to recover the 13 treasures of Britain. Said hero is, of course, Slaine and the proper lead Ukko, the Dwarf.

Now, of course, Slaine can't just march in as himself, so he takes on the Green Knight (Gwalchmai) role and will discover new and some old enemies along the way.

This is a fantastic story and, for my personal tastes, actually beats out the Horned God. Set in a theme, I thoroughly enjoy how this perfectly added to the stories and myths. The story is enhanced to another level by the work of Dermot Power, whose action scenes are intense and full of movement while the colour palette matches the story theme perfectly. We also get some humour-filled tales which helped break the epic up. I can't recommend this title enough; it was a joy to read and look at and deserving of more praise than it has received.

I hope you will give it a go and let me know what you think.

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