Book Review 193 // Secrets of the Tau by Cavan Scott

Delving back into the Warped Galaxies title with Secrets of the Tau. So far, the titles have been enjoyable to read through. Obviously aimed at a younger audience, we are still treated to a thrilling read. I am hoping Cavan Scott can continue this trend with the Tau.

Title: Secrets of the Tau (Warped Galaxies #3)

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Author: Cavan Scott

Fluff: The third book in the Warped Galaxies series. An exciting new series of sci-fi books for middle-grade readers from Black Library. Brave champions and the forces of the Imperium battle alien beasts and mechanical tyrants across the gulf of space.

Journeying to the bustling spaceport of Hinterland after being saved from certain death by a dubious Rogue Trader, Zelia, Talen and Mekki continue their quest to reach the Emperor's Seat. But much here is not what it seems. Alone in a strange place surrounded by aliens, who can they really trust and what are the secrets of the Tau?  


Having been rescued from the clutches of the Genestealers, our young group starts to experience the wider galaxy and where they are within it. It also allows new characters and locations to be explored now we are thoroughly familiar with the main cast. The first new character is the Rogue Trader, who I feel isn't all they seem. Hardly no crew to speak off or with, and the behaviour patterns of an Inquisitor, I think they can't yet be fully trusted.

But with the aid of the Captain, our team made it to the Hinterland, a Space Station located painfully close to the Tau empire and awkwardly too far away from the watchful eyes of the Imperium. This has led to the place becoming the den of the illegal, be it trade, aliens, gambling or drugs. This setting can be well used to start the discussion of Xenophobia with a child and how the Imperium is not the series' goodies. This may be a complicated conversation, but it seems to be an important one to discuss.

As with previous titles, we see the characters clashing as they discover themselves and grow into adults, but we also see bonds strengthening and some real character growth. The Tau in the novel comes across as almost a mobster group which was fun to see. Also very understandable with the amount of High Tech equipment they have. And with a classic explosive ending, we head off into space on to the next adventure, which, based on the title, involves everyone's favourite - ORKS!!

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