Beer Review 192 // Galactic Dark Noir by Big Drop

Well, it had to happen at some point, another non-alcoholic beer review. We are revisiting Big Drop Brewing with their Milk Stout option. Here are the details:

Beer Name: Galactic Dark Noir.
Brewery: Big Drop Brewing Co. England (but brewed in Ontario somewhere).
Style: Non-Alcholic Stout.
ABV: 0.4%

Fluff: Alcohol-free Stout. Forget the notion this is a beer style that has had its day. Instead, think of it as honeycomb covered in chocolate, because that’s exactly what it tastes like: rich, unctuous and an absolutely decadent treat of a beer.


Pours very darkly with a lively, bubble heavy mocha head. This head then rapidly fizzes away. It was a race to get the picture. It ultimately flew away into nothingness, leaving a flat looking brew. If I didn't know better I would assume it was a strong looking ice coffee.

Aroma also fell flat for me, coco powder, coffee and some sort of dark fruit. This smells sweet, nothing bad, but nothing exciting either. First sip is rather sweet, sugary dark malts, earthiness soon works it's way in whilst it finishes ash tray like. It is not that enjoyable. The fast escaping carbonation also left the body feeling lacklustre. I just don't know about this one. It's not a porter and it seems to watery for a stout...

Ultimately one can was enough and I feel that says it all. I am not willing to dip my hand into the wallet for a second. So a pass for me. Have you tried it? Let me know.

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