Beer Review 191 // Reboot by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

Damn, the weather in Ottawa is all over the place. The other night was killer hot and humid, so I had to grab a cold can of beer to cool down. By now, you all know I work for BTP, so it should be no surprise that is what ended up in my glass.

Beer Name: Reboot

Style: Fresh Whole-Cone Cascade Hopped Lager

Brewery: Beyond the Pale Brewing Company, Ottawa, Ontario. Canada.

ABV: 4.0%

Fluff: Time to Refresh and Reboot! Reboot Lager is full of Fresh Whole-Cone Cascade Hops, creating a super crisp, lemon citrus hinted brew. This beer is fresh, light, and so easy to drink. The perfect autumnal beer to enjoy while the leaves change colour and prepare for winter.


Lagers are always hard to review; they need to be refreshing and crisp. If they don't achieve that, then they have failed. Well, I can safely say this Reboot hits those points beautifully, then to add to the enjoyment, we get a charming lemon-fresh hint to it. Effortless drinking definitely took away the heat of the evening.

I highly recommend this brew next time they have some. Until then, tell me your go-to brew for a hot night.

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