Audio Review 86 // Chirurgeon by Nick Kyme

Excited to dive into another Fabius Bile story. As one of my favourite villains of 40k, it is always enjoyable to experience the 30k "Loyal" version. I'm keen on Reynold's version of him, so I genuinely hope Kyme does him Justice.

Title: Chirurgeon (The Horus Heresy #Short Story)

Author: Nick Kyme

Format: Audible buy here from Amazon


In its earliest days, the III Legion was blighted by a genetic flaw threatening to end the Phoenician's bloodline forever. Fortunately, through tireless effort and the miracle of the primarch's genetic perfection, visionaries like Apothecary Fabius could halt the corruption and restore the Emperor's Children to their former glory. Except, it would seem, that a terrible secret has been kept from the rest of the Legion, and the threat of further degeneration is quite real...


As one of the most infamous members of the traitors, it is easy to forget that Fabius was viewed with much respect in the 30K timeline. At the time of the Crusades, he was one of the most important members of the Emperor's Children Legion. Second only to Fulgrim himself. Without Fabius, the Legion would have fallen to genetic corruption long before the Heresy, which would have seen them joining the forgotten legions. It is funny to think that this noble drive to save his Legion would be twisted into the same purpose that would help the Legion descend deeper into the arms of Chaos.

Nick Kyme does a solid job of making Fabius a fully rounded-out character. We get a closer look at him while he operates on himself to remove the genetic blights plaguing his body. During these moments of pain, we relive some of Fabius' early memories and experience some unique lore for a legion that could have been great. This should be described as a body horror title as, in great detail, we hear the cutting and operation throughout. We also discover that Fabius is more of a Necromancer than a doctor.

Ultimately a great listen and one I wish to revisit again very soon.

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