Audio Review 84 // A Safe and Shadowed Place by Guy Haley

This week's Horus Heresy Audio Drama will be good, focusing on the Nightlords. This Legion is amongst my favourites in the series, and I am always disappointed by the lack of full stories on them during this time. At least we seem to get a lot of short tales instead.

Title: A Safe and Shadowed Place

Author: Guy Haley

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Seeking refuge, the remnants of the Night Lords' fleet stumble across Imperium Secundus.

The last time we heard from the Night Lords' fleet, they were scattered and leaderless in the wake of the disastrous Thramas Crusade. Now, a sizeable portion of the Legion is drawn to a mysterious beacon on the far side of the galaxy. Now, The VIII Legion is back in the fight, probably bad news for the loyalists…


Set shortly after the Prince of Crows, the Night Lord legion is shattered into the void, with rival factions within the Legion vying for power. The Legion itself has devolved into nothing more than rival gangs fighting each other for dominance, and only through a show of strength have leaders appeared. In this tale, we follow some survivors at a hidden staging ground in deep space as they attempt to repair their ships. Unknown to them, they are next to Sotha, the base world of the Imperium Secundus beacon, the only way that Ultramar is being held together. And soon, they can strike a disastrous blow.

As I mentioned before, I feel we are missing out on the lack of long-form stories. But this is a very interesting short as we get some insight into the Night Lord Legion and the internal conflicts that have always afflicted them. We also get to see how they act when left alone, and I, for one, never want to experience life on a Night Lords ship.

Overall a great listen by a great author highly recommend it! Check it out.

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