Imperium Magazine Issue 1 - Royal Warden

Okay I know, Imperium Magazine has been out for a while but I can finally get it here in Canada and this excites me! Issue One contained two HQ units, a Necron Royal Warden and a Primaris Lieutenant. For this first video in a new series, I started with the Necron because I've never painted one before!

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I did it! Look at me. I've gone and painted my first Necron! I went with the Novokh Dynasty simply because I like red; it sounds like an aggressive force, and I like the idea of that. As we are learning about necrons together, I thought I would share some details.

Here is some fluff on the unit

Royal Wardens are Necrons who serve directly under an Overlord and ensure their lord's will is carried out by the Dynasty's armies.

Royal Wardens possess the initiative to adapt on the battlefield and can modify the orders to the phalanxes of the Necron Infantry. While they retain the independence of thought, their command protocols make them unquestionably loyal. Royal Wardens are armed with Relic Gauss Blasters.

What a fun model to paint. I had a lot of fun with this one and now understand the joys of painting them.

Do you collect Necron? Got any advice? Please do drop me a comment!


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