Comic Review 199 // Slaine: Lord of Misrule by Pat Mills

Wow, we have finally caught up with teenage reading me! I remember this story being in the 2000 ADs when I first started reading them. This is bringing back a lot of memories. Before I get too misty-eyed, let's get into the details.

Title: Sláine: The Lord of Misrule (Sláine #6)

Author: Pat Mills

Art team: Greg Staples, Clint Langley and Jim Murray.

Fluff: Sent on a quest by the Earth Goddess to destroy the Blood God, Sláine has now been reborn in the time of the Normans as Robin Goodfellow, King of the Greenwood. First, he has to seek out his beloved Niamh (herself reborn as a Christian nun called Marian) and together, they must learn the secret name of the beast so that Sláine can destroy it as the Lord of Misrule!


- Name of the Sword (Progs #950–#956)

- Lord of Misrule (Progs #958–#963)

- Bowels of Hell (Prog #1000)

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Slaine and Ukko are travelling through time as they aid the Goddess Danu on random quests to recover artifacts and knowledge that can save the land of the young in Slaine's past. For this collected series, we see them arriving in Britain in 1108ad, searching for the Sword of the Blood God. Slaine has taken on the role of Robin Goodfellow aka Robin Hood. In this role, we see Slaine facing Normans and the Christian Church.

This task is troublesome, but it comes to Slaine's attention that his love Niamh has been reincarnated as Nun. Can Slaine focus on his mission, or will love conquer all?

As mentioned earlier, this story holds many memories for me, and as soon as I saw Simon Bisley's art, I was absorbed back in that time as a teenager. The artwork is stunning and challenging to duplicate (though many have tried). The Merry Men are Pagan warriors and honestly look the part, though kind of the hero they in still fear and terror that still haunts me into my adult life. Clint Langley's tale reminds me of the opening Graphic Novel's artwork with its more passionate and rough drawing style and makes for an excellent refresher for the eyes. Combining this art with Pat Mills' exceptional storytelling, we get a delightful story. A great fusion of Celtic/Pagan lore and the onset of Christianity tales.

As I continue my Slaine adventures, I can't help but get more and more excited. The stories seem to get better every time. I will be jumping back to Horned God as I didn't realize that was the next tale and skipped in error.

Have you read this graphic novel? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know, and more importantly, who is playing the Slaine Tabletop skirmish game by Warlord Games? Tell me in the comments.

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