Book Review 190 // The Wolf and The Rat by C.L. Werner

Look at me, a double book review in one week. Since slowly down on the drinks, I have managed to find more time for the things I love! But less about me and more about this week's short story. A vampire tale set in the Age of Sigmar by C.L. Werner. A trusted Warhammer writer, in my opinion.

Title: The Wolf and The Rat

Author: C.L. Werner

Fluff: A Radukar the Wolf Story

Radukar's tyrannical rule of Ulfenkarn does not go unopposed. Many wish to see the Wolf destroyed, and not all of his foes are found among the living.

From within his own Thirsting Court, a conspiracy is hatched to draw him into a trap, where a tenacious enemy from his past lies in wait…


Another board game tie-in novel. This time it is linked to the Cursed City games, which was a kind of dungeon crawler - I've never seen much from this game apart from some figures, so the setting is very new to me.

For the most part, this title is one of politics. The Wolf, aka Vampire Lord Radukar, has seized control of the city and seemingly pissed off the nobility. In an attempt to unseat the Wolf, Kritza the Rat Prince sets a deadly trap with the help of other disenchanted vampires. The only problem is that Radukar has a better spy network than Kritza and can get ahead of the trap and spring his own on those who would dare challenge his rule.

Soon the rebel Vampires are shown the error of their ways, and Radukar can strengthen his grip on the city even more.

Ultimately a Vampire story of betrayal and revenge. You don't even need to know anything about warhammer, which is nice. This could easily be set in any fantasy world and, as such, allows anyone to enjoy it.

For my personal tastes, it was a solid tale. I just don't get into Fantasy stories as much as sci-fi, but that is more on me than the writing. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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