Book Review 189 // The Pro by Rock Forsberg

I'm excited today as we get the second entire novel for the Anti-gravity League Racing by Rock Forsberg. After working with Forsberg on reviewing his first book, The Entrant, I was very fortunate to be gifted this title.

Let's jump into this exciting title:

Title: The Pro 9 (Antigravity Raving League #2)

Author: Rock Forsberg

Fluff: He knew the life of a professional racer was hard, but he didn't expect to be dodging lasers and missiles.

Zane Silvering, the youngest professional racer in the Antigravity Racing League, competes with his powerful craft on vertigo-inducing rollercoaster circuits across the galaxy.

He signed up for the toughest racing in the universe, and this season he has a new coach, who is more like an army drill instructor, and new teammates, who seem more like enemies. Soon Zane finds himself out of the racing lineup and at odds with his girlfriend.

To get a chance at the championship, he must navigate intergenerational power games, use his flying skills in dogfights with killing lasers, deal with the shady women of his past and, of course, beat the best of the universe on the track.

When it all comes together, Zane must make a hard decision: how far is he willing to go?

If you like underdog stories, awe-inspiring galactic trekking, and high-adrenaline racing (think F1 in space), The Pro will keep you strapped to your seat until the finish line.

Want to buy? Go direct to Forsberg's website: Rock Forsberg Website


Firstly this title is part of the Anti-gravity League series; so far, I have only read The Entrant (book 1) and The Street (book 1.5, a short story). If you haven't read those reviews, please do. I quickly fell for the setting, which reminds me a lot of the old computer game Wipeout. Set in a future with multiple worlds and humaniod alien races. 

The lead character is Zane Silvering, a young racer with dreams of winning the championship. After an intriguing first season (The Entrant), Zane has realized there is a much wider galaxy out there and that being a racer will be rough. With the second season drawing near, Zane finds himself in a newly merged team where he has to fight once more for a spot on the starting line. With this, he has a new coach that seems to favour his own racers. Will Zane get back onto the team in time to win the championship?

If his professional life was complicated, then his personal life is absolute chaos! Zane may lose it all with a failing relationship, new love interests, criminal activities, and family drama, taking up necessary practice time. Can this young man do what it takes to survive and win the ARL.

Overall I loved the title. As I started reading the first page, I was instantly absorbed into the racer lifestyle. The pacing was fast and exciting, and the ending was action-packed and heartbreaking at times. I really hope this isn't the last we hear of Zane. Compared to book one, I would say the racing took a bit of a back seat with the main story happening out the grid, but this in no way took away from the drama. It was nice to see returning characters and new ones appear within the tale and help keep the story fresh and exciting. Overall a stunning read, and now to read the opener, The Racer.

I highly recommend giving Rock Forsberg a chance, and I hope you will enjoy his titles as much as I have. If you have read any of the titles, drop me a comment. I want to know!

Cheers for reading.

**Rock Forsberg: If you are reading this. Thank you for including me in this amazing chance to read such a stunning series. I can't wait for the next one.

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