Audio Review 83 // The Laurel of Defiance by Guy Haley

I love these Audible short stories. This week, I am getting my fix with a Guy Haley Title, the Laurel of Defiance. Based on the image, I'm hoping we are getting a Novamarine origin story.

Title: The Laurel of Defiance

Author: Guy Haley

Fluff: The horrors of the Shadow Crusade are over – the Word Bearers and their World Eaters allies have been driven back, and peace restored to Ultramar. But a new danger has arisen – a political one, as Primarch Guilliman and his brothers, declared themselves rulers of a new Imperium. Lucretius Corvo, Ultramarines captain and survivor of many battles, is unsure. But he is to be honoured by the primarchs with the Laurel of Defiance for his heroism, and it would be foolish to voice his doubts in such a time…

Published October 9, 2017


What an exciting story; it follows the Ultramarine Captain Lucretius Corvo as he is recalled to Maccragge to be honoured by Guilliman for his role in defending the Ultramar during the Shadow Crusade. Captain Corvo and his men fought against the cursed Word Bearers and World Eaters, and even some titans on the world of Astagar. But now he faces his biggest challenge yet - a political party.

It was great getting some insight into how marines act at a party, this is something they were not built for, and you can feel the unease as Corvo is forced to deal with mere mortals. There is an unlying sadness to the piece as you can't help but realize what has been lost. While at the same time, this also seems to be the only path to be taken, can creatures born for war ever find peace?

It was nice to have Captain Corvo back; this story built out his character. It was nice to hear the doubts of such a high-ranked marine in the Ultramarines, something I would have believed inconceivable. Ultimately another unique Guy Hayley story.

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