Audio Review 81 // Virtues of the Sons by Andy Smillie

Well, considering how short yesterday's listen was, I just had to jump into the next story!

Title: Virtues of the Sons - The Horus Heresy Short Story

Author: Andy Smillie

Fluff: Amit duels Khârn and Azkaellon to face Lucius as Sanguinius's chosen sons explore the twin aspects of their nature.

This story gives an insight into the twin nature of the Blood Angels Legion: their outward nobility and the rage that lurks in the heart of all sons of Sanguinius. You also get two action packed fight scenes as the finest warriors in the Blood Angels Legion take on two of their (soon-to-be) bitterest enemies.

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I must be honest and say I know very little about the Blood Angels. Beyond the Lamenters in The Badab War and the Terminators from Space Hulk, I have rarely jumped into stories about them. So I was interested to see how these characters faired.

Based on one of their traditions, we join Amit, aka "The Flesh Tearer," and Azkaellon of the Sanguinary Guard as they partake in the Tempest of Angels. This is to showcase attack and defence, as one son, Amit, must attempt to attack Sanguinius while Azkaellon must defend. To be honest, Sanguinius seems bored of the festival and has already predicted the outcome, but his sons might not surprise him yet!

It is a good Horus Heresy prequel as we see how the two captains have learnt new skills by challenging warriors of other legions. Nassir, normally an offensive powerhouse, is forced to practice restraint against his opponent Kharn of the World Eaters. Azkaellon has no choice but to go on the offensive against a superior swordsman in Lucius of the Emperor's Childern. With these newly learnt skills, they can show Sanguinius that there is hope for his sons yet!

It also may hint at the future combats to come, and I hope we see rematches amongst these characters, maybe on Terra?

Definitely an enjoyable listen and well worth your time and money.

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