Audio Review 78 // Allegiance by Chris Wraight

Time to speed up some of these audio reviews over the weekend; I got to listen to a trio of them, so I will be doing a few extra posts this week. To kick things off, we have a Thousand Sons and White Scars story!

Title: Allegiance: The Horus Heresy Short Story

Author: Chris Wraight

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Fluff: After the Second Battle of Prospero, the White Scars carry a lone sorcerer with them – Revuel Arvida, only survivor of the Wolf King’s wrath. Guided by the Stormseer Yesugei, he recovers his esoteric powers, as well as reliving memories of a world turned to ashes. But the sons of Chogoris are wounded too, riven by the treachery that almost destroyed them. As the Khan delivers his painful judgement on those of his warriors who swore the fateful blood oath, Arvida, too, must decide where his true allegiance lies – to those who saved him from oblivion or to the lost legacy of his own primarch.


An okay tale follows Revuel Arvida as he recovers aboard a White Scar's ship called the Swordstorm. Throughout the story, is he constantly being requested to join the Scars but keeps refusing to break his oaths of loyalty to the Sons. As the story progresses, Arvida is pulled more and more toward the Thousand Sons, and while witnessing a trial in front of Jaghatai Khan, he is faced with the final choice of joining the White Scars or a death. This choice seemed too great for him to handle as he couldn't turn on his oaths to his brothers nor ignore his visions. And he is last seen fleeing aboard a small ship in hopes of following his destiny which seems to be connected to a raven. 

Overall it is a heavy hint to the Blood Raven chapter, and I believe this character might be the founder. Though an intriguing piece, I did find it to be a bit too long and became a little dull in the middle. Guess you can't win them all!?

Hope you enjoyed it? Have you read this tale? Let me know in the comments.

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