Audio Review 77 // Gunsight by James Swallow

Powering through the War Without End series with this next title - Gunsight. It is generally great to get to have non-space marine novels set in the Heresy era and experience a different view of the galaxy for a bit. Here are the details.

Title: Gunsight
Author: James Swallow
Fluff: An Assassin lurks on board the Vengeful Spirit. His target? Warmaster Horus himself.

A story set aboard the Vengeful Spirit itself, flagship of Horus Lupercal. A killer stalks the corridors, and a daring assassination attempt is underway. But such attempts have failed before... how will this one prove any more successful?


I was excited to discover that this is a follow-up to Nemesis, a fantastic assassin story earlier in the series. And it did not disappoint. It even managed to surprise me with a few unsuspecting twists. Most of the story builds up to the character reveal, so I won't spoil that for readers. Without revealing too much, it was also intriguing to discover a side character who may be the only genuinely loyal crewman left on the ship through no fault of his own. Stuck watching his fellow workers succumb to the ruinous powers, he was left with no choice but to play along, but does that make him loyal to the Emperor or corrupted by default?

The true highlight of this novel has to be discussed, and it is the ship itself. We get to spend time within the depths of the Vengeful Spirit. We start to discover the accurate scale and depth of these mammoth machines that lumber through space and that more of the ship is actually filled with emptiness than life. The ability to remain undiscovered for so long in the heart of the enemy is such an exciting idea, and I really liked learning more about this unique environment.

Overall a fantastic story. Once again, this should have been enjoyed sooner in the timeline, but what an excellent follow-up for the assassins.

As always, I appreciate you reading and stopping by.

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