Audio Review 83 // The Laurel of Defiance by Guy Haley

I love these Audible short stories. This week, I am getting my fix with a Guy Haley Title, the Laurel of Defiance. Based on the image, I'm hoping we are getting a Novamarine origin story.

Title: The Laurel of Defiance

Author: Guy Haley

Fluff: The horrors of the Shadow Crusade are over – the Word Bearers and their World Eaters allies have been driven back, and peace restored to Ultramar. But a new danger has arisen – a political one, as Primarch Guilliman and his brothers, declared themselves rulers of a new Imperium. Lucretius Corvo, Ultramarines captain and survivor of many battles, is unsure. But he is to be honoured by the primarchs with the Laurel of Defiance for his heroism, and it would be foolish to voice his doubts in such a time…

Published October 9, 2017


What an exciting story; it follows the Ultramarine Captain Lucretius Corvo as he is recalled to Maccragge to be honoured by Guilliman for his role in defending the Ultramar during the Shadow Crusade. Captain Corvo and his men fought against the cursed Word Bearers and World Eaters, and even some titans on the world of Astagar. But now he faces his biggest challenge yet - a political party.

It was great getting some insight into how marines act at a party, this is something they were not built for, and you can feel the unease as Corvo is forced to deal with mere mortals. There is an unlying sadness to the piece as you can't help but realize what has been lost. While at the same time, this also seems to be the only path to be taken, can creatures born for war ever find peace?

It was nice to have Captain Corvo back; this story built out his character. It was nice to hear the doubts of such a high-ranked marine in the Ultramarines, something I would have believed inconceivable. Ultimately another unique Guy Hayley story.

As always thanks for stopping by!

Comic Review 199 // Slaine: Lord of Misrule by Pat Mills

Wow, we have finally caught up with teenage reading me! I remember this story being in the 2000 ADs when I first started reading them. This is bringing back a lot of memories. Before I get too misty-eyed, let's get into the details.

Title: Sláine: The Lord of Misrule (Sláine #6)

Author: Pat Mills

Art team: Greg Staples, Clint Langley and Jim Murray.

Fluff: Sent on a quest by the Earth Goddess to destroy the Blood God, Sláine has now been reborn in the time of the Normans as Robin Goodfellow, King of the Greenwood. First, he has to seek out his beloved Niamh (herself reborn as a Christian nun called Marian) and together, they must learn the secret name of the beast so that Sláine can destroy it as the Lord of Misrule!


- Name of the Sword (Progs #950–#956)

- Lord of Misrule (Progs #958–#963)

- Bowels of Hell (Prog #1000)

Buy Now on Amazon


Slaine and Ukko are travelling through time as they aid the Goddess Danu on random quests to recover artifacts and knowledge that can save the land of the young in Slaine's past. For this collected series, we see them arriving in Britain in 1108ad, searching for the Sword of the Blood God. Slaine has taken on the role of Robin Goodfellow aka Robin Hood. In this role, we see Slaine facing Normans and the Christian Church.

This task is troublesome, but it comes to Slaine's attention that his love Niamh has been reincarnated as Nun. Can Slaine focus on his mission, or will love conquer all?

As mentioned earlier, this story holds many memories for me, and as soon as I saw Simon Bisley's art, I was absorbed back in that time as a teenager. The artwork is stunning and challenging to duplicate (though many have tried). The Merry Men are Pagan warriors and honestly look the part, though kind of the hero they in still fear and terror that still haunts me into my adult life. Clint Langley's tale reminds me of the opening Graphic Novel's artwork with its more passionate and rough drawing style and makes for an excellent refresher for the eyes. Combining this art with Pat Mills' exceptional storytelling, we get a delightful story. A great fusion of Celtic/Pagan lore and the onset of Christianity tales.

As I continue my Slaine adventures, I can't help but get more and more excited. The stories seem to get better every time. I will be jumping back to Horned God as I didn't realize that was the next tale and skipped in error.

Have you read this graphic novel? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know, and more importantly, who is playing the Slaine Tabletop skirmish game by Warlord Games? Tell me in the comments.

Primaris Space Marine Lieutenant Cullen of the Executioners.


Finally, my second Imperium Model is completed. The Primaris Lieutenant is an all-new character for me as I haven't played as a Space Marine gamer since the 3rd edition. So here's some lore:

Lieutenant (Space Marines)

A Primaris Space Marine lieutenant of the Ultramarines Chapter armed with Bolt Pistol and Power Sword

Lieutenant is an officer rank first found amongst the formations of the Primaris Space Marines, then later expanded to include the Firstborn. In the wake of the resurrection of the Primarch Roboute Guilliman in 999.M41 and his revisions to the Codex Astartes, the rank has been introduced to all the Chapters of the Adeptus Astartes since the start of the Indomitus Crusade. A lieutenant serves as a demi-company leader, with two assigned per full company of 100 Space Marines.

Lieutenants act as the right hands of their Captains by providing flexibility and helping to direct their battle brothers in engagements. Space Marine Battle Companies are frequently divided into two Battle Demi-companies of 50 Astartes to spread their forces across multiple combat zones. In most Chapters, the command of each demi-company falls to a lieutenant, who leads his brothers unflinchingly into battle.

Some Space Marine Chapters assign additional roles for lieutenants. The Salamanders, for example, have given these warriors a ceremonial duty as bodyguards to their company's captain, the three fighting as one.

Within the Iron Hands Chapter, they are charged as Naysmith, questioning their captain's battle plans to probe for Human errors within his logic.

So who is my Lieutenant? Let me introduce Lieutenant Cullen of the Executioners.

Armed with: Neo-volkite Pistol, Power Sword, Storm Shield, Frag Grenades and Krak Grenades.

Pts: 90

Comic Review 198 // Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 10: Driving Force

Welcome back with the end of the Obi-Wan series. I find my Star Wars interest waning too. We had a good run on these titles, but I feel I need a break. So after today's review, expect me to hop back into the works of 2000 AD again.

Title: Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 10: Driving Force

Author: Delilah S. Dawson

Fluff: Join Princess Leia, Poe Dameron, BB-8, Rey, and more in these middle-grade graphic novel adventures!

First, with hotshot Resistance pilot Poe Dameron captured by pirates, it's up to BB-8--and Rapier Squadron--to save the day! Then, in this story set before A New Hope, Princess Leia Organa faces the most challenging task of her young life: teaching Amilyn Holdo how to drive a speeder! But both learn an important lesson after finding themselves in the dangerous lower levels of Coruscant. And finally, witness one of the many lessons Rey learned from Luke Skywalker during her time on Ahch-To. 

Format: Paperback, 80 pages

Publisher: IDW Publishing


I feel the series has lost its way. Though obviously aimed at a younger audience, the first few comics offered action, intrigue and some more depth to the universe we all love. But the later issues just seem to push the same formula repeatedly, and it comes across as lazy and forgettable, sadly.

This issue is average at best. This one has no stand-out story, just a lot of action, light, kid-friendly adventures. Now I'm not saying it is all bad. In no way is this the worst one in the series, and it did have some high points. For example, the Leia and Holdo story was funny and managed to stay true to the characters. Along with this, we get a BB-8 rescuing Poe again story (yawn) which though formulaic, did start to share more info on Kare Kun, which was excellent.

But sadly, these snips were not enough to save the comic. The Rey story was disappointing, to be honest, and not worth the page time. The stories are way too short to hold attention or be necessary. This leads us to an ultimately average comic. If a completionist do read, if looking for something fun, go elsewhere.

Audio Review 81 // Virtues of the Sons by Andy Smillie

Well, considering how short yesterday's listen was, I just had to jump into the next story!

Title: Virtues of the Sons - The Horus Heresy Short Story

Author: Andy Smillie

Fluff: Amit duels Khârn and Azkaellon to face Lucius as Sanguinius's chosen sons explore the twin aspects of their nature.

This story gives an insight into the twin nature of the Blood Angels Legion: their outward nobility and the rage that lurks in the heart of all sons of Sanguinius. You also get two action packed fight scenes as the finest warriors in the Blood Angels Legion take on two of their (soon-to-be) bitterest enemies.

Want to buy? Amazon


I must be honest and say I know very little about the Blood Angels. Beyond the Lamenters in The Badab War and the Terminators from Space Hulk, I have rarely jumped into stories about them. So I was interested to see how these characters faired.

Based on one of their traditions, we join Amit, aka "The Flesh Tearer," and Azkaellon of the Sanguinary Guard as they partake in the Tempest of Angels. This is to showcase attack and defence, as one son, Amit, must attempt to attack Sanguinius while Azkaellon must defend. To be honest, Sanguinius seems bored of the festival and has already predicted the outcome, but his sons might not surprise him yet!

It is a good Horus Heresy prequel as we see how the two captains have learnt new skills by challenging warriors of other legions. Nassir, normally an offensive powerhouse, is forced to practice restraint against his opponent Kharn of the World Eaters. Azkaellon has no choice but to go on the offensive against a superior swordsman in Lucius of the Emperor's Childern. With these newly learnt skills, they can show Sanguinius that there is hope for his sons yet!

It also may hint at the future combats to come, and I hope we see rematches amongst these characters, maybe on Terra?

Definitely an enjoyable listen and well worth your time and money.

Book Review 191 // Sharpe's Skirmish by Bernard Cornwell

Managed to get myself into another Love Books Tour and was gifted a quick read Dyslexia-friendly title by Bernard Cornwell OBE. The book in question was Sharpe's Skirmish which is a little further into the series than I am currently, but it doesn't hold too many spoilers for me as I have seen the TV show. So let us dive into the Historical fiction piece.

Title:  Richard Sharpe #19: Sharpe's Skirmish: Richard Sharpe and the Defence of the Tormes, August 1812

Pages: 161

Author: Bernard Cornwell

Format: eBook

Accessible to all readers - dyslexic friendly - eBook. Link for more info:


Richard Sharpe and the Defence of the Tormes, August 1812

It is the summer of 1812, and Richard Sharpe, newly recovered from the wound he received in the fighting at Salamanca, is given an easy duty; to guard a Commissary Officer posted to an obscure Spanish fort where there are some captured French muskets to repair. But unknown to the British, the French are planning a lightning raid across the River Tormes, and they reckon the obscure Spanish fort, which guards an ancient bridge across the river, will be lightly guarded. Sharpe is in for a fight.


As mentioned, I am currently working through the Sharpe titles, and after receiving this title, I checked to see how far ahead it is, and it seems to be set straight after the title: Sharpe's Sword. Set during Sharpe's time in Spain fighting the French. We join Sharpe and his mismatch regiment as they secure a fort to oversee the securing and redistributing of some captured French rifles. But in classic Sharpe retelling history, he finds himself and his men in the path of a sizable French force.

We also get some recurring characters like Sharpe's Wife Teresa, a member of the Spanish resistance, who plays a pivotal role in the story. And who would have thought the wine would play such a crucial role in the novel? 

Cornwell does well to give us some insight into the conditions of the forces as well as a fun end twist. But with a lack of page count, the story sometimes seemed rushed and not filled out enough. The dyslexic friendliness of the title helped with my reading of the title, and I am compiling a list of other titles I wish to get next. It is nice to see a company producing titles in this format, and I highly recommend checking them out and supporting Kickstarter.

As always, I appreciate your following and reading along! Until next time cheers. 

Blood Bowl II - Union Elves vs Amazons

I truly have the Blood Bowl bug these days. With the new version coming out I thought I would make the most of the old game by starting up a league. In the opening game my Elven Union team the Dawnlight Raiders faceoff against an Amazon team. I have zero knowledge of this team as I never played against them in the tabletop version. Turns out they can dish out one hell of a hiding!

If you play, reach out; maybe we can have a match together?

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Blue Yeti Nano

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Book Review 190 // The Wolf and The Rat by C.L. Werner

Look at me, a double book review in one week. Since slowly down on the drinks, I have managed to find more time for the things I love! But less about me and more about this week's short story. A vampire tale set in the Age of Sigmar by C.L. Werner. A trusted Warhammer writer, in my opinion.

Title: The Wolf and The Rat

Author: C.L. Werner

Fluff: A Radukar the Wolf Story

Radukar's tyrannical rule of Ulfenkarn does not go unopposed. Many wish to see the Wolf destroyed, and not all of his foes are found among the living.

From within his own Thirsting Court, a conspiracy is hatched to draw him into a trap, where a tenacious enemy from his past lies in wait…


Another board game tie-in novel. This time it is linked to the Cursed City games, which was a kind of dungeon crawler - I've never seen much from this game apart from some figures, so the setting is very new to me.

For the most part, this title is one of politics. The Wolf, aka Vampire Lord Radukar, has seized control of the city and seemingly pissed off the nobility. In an attempt to unseat the Wolf, Kritza the Rat Prince sets a deadly trap with the help of other disenchanted vampires. The only problem is that Radukar has a better spy network than Kritza and can get ahead of the trap and spring his own on those who would dare challenge his rule.

Soon the rebel Vampires are shown the error of their ways, and Radukar can strengthen his grip on the city even more.

Ultimately a Vampire story of betrayal and revenge. You don't even need to know anything about warhammer, which is nice. This could easily be set in any fantasy world and, as such, allows anyone to enjoy it.

For my personal tastes, it was a solid tale. I just don't get into Fantasy stories as much as sci-fi, but that is more on me than the writing. Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

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Audio Review 80 // Black Oculus by John French

Could this be the shortest short story from Black Library? Probably not, but it is close.

Title: Black Oculus - The Horus Heresy Short Story.

Author: John French


After Fulgrim's ascension to daemon hood at Iydris, Perturabo and his Legion were trapped by the singularity at the heart of the so-called 'Eye of Terror.' Their only option? To thread the needle and dive into the heart of the black hole. Perhaps by sheer blind luck, they were transported far across the warp to the Tallarn System – but the Navigators in service to the Iron Warriors fleet were irreversibly corrupted by that harrowing experience. Now they serve a new purpose, and Perturabo's plans for revenge come closer to fruition...

Bridging the gap between Angel Exterminatus and the Battle of Tallarn, this short story focuses on the Navigators assigned to the Iron Warrior Legion fleet. After their journey through the Eye of Terror, many of their numbers are... changed. This story also contains some hints as to the Iron Warriors' motivation for their attack on Tallarn.


Okay, I was not kidding. This is a short story. But damn, was it interesting. We get to see the galaxy through the eyes of a Navigator assigned to the Iron Warriors. It describes how the fleet is plunged into a black hole within the Eye of Terror following Fulgrim's Ascension in Angel Exterminatus (a great book, by the way). We also start to see a more vindictive side to Perturabo, who hates everyone these days.

This book does a great job of showcasing what is happening to the navigators and how the warp affects them. It also is a great precursor to the Tallarn book and has actually been released before that title! But it is not perfect. It is way too short and not worth purchasing alone. Try to pick this up in a collected set rather than solo buying.

Side note: As an ex-Iron Warrior collector, I love these stories. They are such an exciting legion. They deserve more page time in the books, and I can't wait for Tallarn to come around on my reading list.

Book Review 189 // The Pro by Rock Forsberg

I'm excited today as we get the second entire novel for the Anti-gravity League Racing by Rock Forsberg. After working with Forsberg on reviewing his first book, The Entrant, I was very fortunate to be gifted this title.

Let's jump into this exciting title:

Title: The Pro 9 (Antigravity Raving League #2)

Author: Rock Forsberg

Fluff: He knew the life of a professional racer was hard, but he didn't expect to be dodging lasers and missiles.

Zane Silvering, the youngest professional racer in the Antigravity Racing League, competes with his powerful craft on vertigo-inducing rollercoaster circuits across the galaxy.

He signed up for the toughest racing in the universe, and this season he has a new coach, who is more like an army drill instructor, and new teammates, who seem more like enemies. Soon Zane finds himself out of the racing lineup and at odds with his girlfriend.

To get a chance at the championship, he must navigate intergenerational power games, use his flying skills in dogfights with killing lasers, deal with the shady women of his past and, of course, beat the best of the universe on the track.

When it all comes together, Zane must make a hard decision: how far is he willing to go?

If you like underdog stories, awe-inspiring galactic trekking, and high-adrenaline racing (think F1 in space), The Pro will keep you strapped to your seat until the finish line.

Want to buy? Go direct to Forsberg's website: Rock Forsberg Website


Firstly this title is part of the Anti-gravity League series; so far, I have only read The Entrant (book 1) and The Street (book 1.5, a short story). If you haven't read those reviews, please do. I quickly fell for the setting, which reminds me a lot of the old computer game Wipeout. Set in a future with multiple worlds and humaniod alien races. 

The lead character is Zane Silvering, a young racer with dreams of winning the championship. After an intriguing first season (The Entrant), Zane has realized there is a much wider galaxy out there and that being a racer will be rough. With the second season drawing near, Zane finds himself in a newly merged team where he has to fight once more for a spot on the starting line. With this, he has a new coach that seems to favour his own racers. Will Zane get back onto the team in time to win the championship?

If his professional life was complicated, then his personal life is absolute chaos! Zane may lose it all with a failing relationship, new love interests, criminal activities, and family drama, taking up necessary practice time. Can this young man do what it takes to survive and win the ARL.

Overall I loved the title. As I started reading the first page, I was instantly absorbed into the racer lifestyle. The pacing was fast and exciting, and the ending was action-packed and heartbreaking at times. I really hope this isn't the last we hear of Zane. Compared to book one, I would say the racing took a bit of a back seat with the main story happening out the grid, but this in no way took away from the drama. It was nice to see returning characters and new ones appear within the tale and help keep the story fresh and exciting. Overall a stunning read, and now to read the opener, The Racer.

I highly recommend giving Rock Forsberg a chance, and I hope you will enjoy his titles as much as I have. If you have read any of the titles, drop me a comment. I want to know!

Cheers for reading.

**Rock Forsberg: If you are reading this. Thank you for including me in this amazing chance to read such a stunning series. I can't wait for the next one.

Comic Review 197 // Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 5: Mechanical Mayhem

Need a quick read after Slaine the King last week so grabbed another Star Wars Adventure novel from the library. I know they are designed for kids, but sometimes you learn something.

Title: Star Wars Adventures, Vol. 5: Mechanical Mayhem

Author: John Barber

Art: Chad Thomas

Fluff: These ARE the droids you're looking for! Your favourite dysfunctional droid team, R2-D2 and C-3PO, bumbles through the Star Wars universe in these kid-friendly tales.

First, R2-D2 tries to stop an Imperial spy from revealing a Rebel secret. But will C-3PO help, or just get in the way? Then, in a story set in the time of the Clone Wars, Anakin and Padme are desperate to escape the endless fights, both on the battlefield and on the floor of the Senate. But when their vacation goes haywire, will Artoo and Threepio be able to set things right?

Continuing the family-friendly stories Star Wars Adventures is known for, Volume 5 collects issues #9, 12, and 13.


This had a solid start and faded towards the end. The first short story follows R2D2 and C3PO, with C3PO discovering a droid acting strangely. Leading to the discovery of a spy droid. Though entirely filler, it did showcase C3PO's unique fuss-making skills.

We then dive into the main feature, which stars Anakin and Padme. Still hiding their love, they manage to sneak away on vacation under the guise of a diplomatic retreat. But soon discover an aging actress is more than she seems. A great politics-style story showcases it is not always about the Jedi regarding the dark side.

Then we hit the wall. The Wild Space Tales have been a colossal failure for me, and these continue that trend. It feels like a morals/learn a lesson tale, but I struggled to discover any real meaning with all three. Highlights from these are limited to the cameos seen within the pages, and I recommend skipping these tales altogether.

Overall it's a solid "okay" book. Skip the second half, and you are actually above average. 

As always, I appreciate the viewership. It means a lot. Thank you!

Alien Isolation: Working Joes

We once more enter the dark corridors of Alien Isolation. For episode sixteen it would seem we have to face off against the Working Joes! To catch up on the series, use this link: Youtube Alien Isolation Playlist.

Finally rid of the Xenomorph and heading back to the Marshall's office. What could possibly go wrong? Hang on. What's that alarm? What do you mean Apollo has raised the risk level? Why are the Working Joes being extra strange? Why are you looking at me that way?

Working Joes!!!

As always, thank you all for the love I've been getting. It means the world.

Been asked a few times what equipment I am learning to use, well here they are on Amazon CA.

Blue Yeti Nano

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Necrons - Novokh Dynasty


Looks like the Necrons are here to stay. This will become my main source page for all things to do with my Necrons. Though I doubt I will go down the hole like my Aeldari page I did want to make sure everything was easy to find. I hope you enjoy it!

Name: Novokh Dynasty

Phaeron: Galmakh

Capital: Dhol VI

Colours: Silver and Red


The distinctive colour scheme of the Novokh derives from their battle rituals in the time before biotransference. Having slain their enemies in battle, Novokh warriors would daub their faces and arms in the blood of the vanquished, a practice now echoed in the crimson carapaces of their soldiery. Today, the Novokh are brutal butchers who do not stop until all organic foes have been completely annihilated and are one of the most terrifying Necron dynasties to face. Though initially mellow, upon witnessing blood the warriors of the Novokh will be overcome by their engrams and go into an unstoppable killing frenzy. The Novokh specialize in close combat, utilizing large numbers of infantry and Lychguard. They also do not hesitate to deploy large numbers of Destroyer Cultists.

The territory of the Novokh dynasty is found in Ultima Segmentum and includes the crown world of Dhol VI and the active tomb world Draven. The dynastic symbol of the Novokh represents the six wars of conquest which emanated from the dynasty's original core; this is a simple design of the type often seen in aggressive younger dynasties. The Novokh Dynasty is currently fighting against numerous Ork hordes. Since the formation of the Great Rift, they have begun a campaign against the forces of both the Imperium, Orks, and Chaos within Imperium Nihilus.

During a battle with the Death Guard Warband known as the Pallid Hand on Hollowfall, forces from the Novokh Dynasty were infected by Mortarion's bio-mechanical Ferric Blight. The disease spread to their Tomb Worlds and has created a devastating epidemic.

The Dynasty is currently embroiled in a war with the Tyranid Hive Fleet Arachnae.

Notable Members

Phaeron Galmakh, the Moon Killer. He gained fame before the Great Sleep by destroying moons to forever shatter the gravity of worlds that defied his rule. Galmakh's Decurion recently put a Militarum Tempestus strike force to flight, and even now amasses more power in the Ultima Segmentum.

Overlord Crimson King — Commands the C'tan Shard, known as the Crimson God.

Ultep — Warrior

Crimson God — A C'tan Shard commanded by the Crimson King. It is an unwilling vassal though, that metes out destruction in battle with its incredible powers, but never quite in the way that the Novokh Dynasty would wish for.

Known Tomb Worlds

Dhol VI — Crownworld


Adventures Novokh Dynasty


Audio Review 79 // Daemonology by Chris Wraight

Finally, some Deathguard action. Where have they been? I think I know more about the Alpha Legion than this Legion. Let's hope Chris Wraight does them justice.

Title: Daemonology (The Horus Heresy #Short Story)

Author: Chris Wraight


Chagrined by his defeat at the hands of Jaghatai Khan, Mortarion abandons the pursuit of the White Scars and instead leads the Death Guard in a spiteful, punitive rampage across the systems of the Prosperine empire. Finally, on Terathalion, the truth of Mortarion's sinister heritage will be exposed, and the future of the XIV Legion will be written...

The Death Guard have already embraced treachery, but this story follows their Primarch as he continues upon the road that will eventually doom his Legion to plague-wracked damnation.


Wow. That was short. A quick google reveals it to be a 15-page tale. As such, I will not be supplying a link to buy. Even at $5, it seems overpriced for such a short tale.

But saying that it is an enjoyable story, we finally get some info into the mysterious leader of the Death Guard. Mortarion is not a happy Primarch, having failed to beat the White Scars. So instead, Mortarion goes about destroying Magnus' old empire. We learn why Morty hates/fears the psyker and his reluctance to accept Daemons as allies (which is intriguing). Then way too quickly, we get into a conflict with a deamonhost who starts Morty's steps into true damnation and the use of what he despised.

Chris Wright has managed to turn Morty into a character! The only problem is I need more; what have the Death Guard been doing since Istavan? Will we learn in a later novel? This piece feels out of place in the series, like it has come too early?

What are your thoughts? Why has the series ignored one of the most extensive traitor legions so far?

Audio Review 78 // Allegiance by Chris Wraight

Time to speed up some of these audio reviews over the weekend; I got to listen to a trio of them, so I will be doing a few extra posts this week. To kick things off, we have a Thousand Sons and White Scars story!

Title: Allegiance: The Horus Heresy Short Story

Author: Chris Wraight

Want to read? Use this link to purchase and help support the blog.

Fluff: After the Second Battle of Prospero, the White Scars carry a lone sorcerer with them – Revuel Arvida, only survivor of the Wolf King’s wrath. Guided by the Stormseer Yesugei, he recovers his esoteric powers, as well as reliving memories of a world turned to ashes. But the sons of Chogoris are wounded too, riven by the treachery that almost destroyed them. As the Khan delivers his painful judgement on those of his warriors who swore the fateful blood oath, Arvida, too, must decide where his true allegiance lies – to those who saved him from oblivion or to the lost legacy of his own primarch.


An okay tale follows Revuel Arvida as he recovers aboard a White Scar's ship called the Swordstorm. Throughout the story, is he constantly being requested to join the Scars but keeps refusing to break his oaths of loyalty to the Sons. As the story progresses, Arvida is pulled more and more toward the Thousand Sons, and while witnessing a trial in front of Jaghatai Khan, he is faced with the final choice of joining the White Scars or a death. This choice seemed too great for him to handle as he couldn't turn on his oaths to his brothers nor ignore his visions. And he is last seen fleeing aboard a small ship in hopes of following his destiny which seems to be connected to a raven. 

Overall it is a heavy hint to the Blood Raven chapter, and I believe this character might be the founder. Though an intriguing piece, I did find it to be a bit too long and became a little dull in the middle. Guess you can't win them all!?

Hope you enjoyed it? Have you read this tale? Let me know in the comments.

Comic Review 196 // SLÁINE: THE KING

Time to get rocking through some Slaine goodies! Slaine: The King continues the story of Time Killer that ended abruptly, in my opinion. So grab an axe, pray to the Earth Goddess and become the King!

Title: Slaine: The King

Author: Pat Mills & Angie Kincaid

Art team: David Pugh, Glenn Fabry, Mike Collins. Letters Steve Potter

Format: Digital Edition

Want to Read? Support me by buying through Amazon.


Book 3 of 17 in the series.

Through the blood of his enemies...he will regain his throne!

From writer Pat Mills (Marshal Law) and artist Glenn Fabry (Preacher) comes a world of mists and magic and the ultimate Celtic warrior, Sláine! This classic tale of sword and sorcery, which makes Conan look like a boy scout, is finally available again, complete with an introduction by Mills and a host of extras.

Exiled from his tribe, Sláine is forced to roam the land of Tir-Nan-Og with his dwarf, Ukko. Ahead of him lie terrifying ordeals that will require all of Sláine's famed warrior strength if he is to return victorious and claim his rightful place as King!

Stories include:

The Tomb of Terror

Spoils of Annwn

Slaine the King

The Killing Field

Slaine the Mini-Series


Author Bios

Bonus Material



Firstly it is great to get the conclusion from the last book. I was a little annoyed to find that they had split it. But hey, at least I didn't have to wait long. So the story continues with Slaine, Ukko and Nest teaming up with a rag-tag group of warriors and a mysterious Sorcerer. As they progress through the tomb, we discover an Old God is awakening from slumber thanks to the aid of the Cythrons. Of course, Slaine and crew are on hand to save the day but the building dread and the deaths really hit well in this tale.

With the threat passed, for now, we continue onto a trial of Hercules style story as Slaine, Ukko, and Nest travel to a new and strange country, completing tasks that will ultimately lead Slaine to become the King of his people.

But as Slaine returns home, he discovers his people to be enslaved by Northmen. And now prepares to rally his tribes and beat back the invaders. Which seems will be the focal point of the next book.

For the most part, I enjoyed the book, the HR Giger style Cythrons make for a great otherworld villain. This was great, paired with learning about elder races and gods/goddesses. I did, at times, struggle with the artwork, and I found the whole Leyser sword or gun not really needed. But overall a great read that has expanded my Slaine knowledge to no end.

I hope you feel inspired to read the comic and will take a moment to purchase it through the link. Thank you!

Imperium Magazine Issue 1 - Royal Warden

Okay I know, Imperium Magazine has been out for a while but I can finally get it here in Canada and this excites me! Issue One contained two HQ units, a Necron Royal Warden and a Primaris Lieutenant. For this first video in a new series, I started with the Necron because I've never painted one before!

Watch and then give me a follow on Youtube: Adventures with Peps

I did it! Look at me. I've gone and painted my first Necron! I went with the Novokh Dynasty simply because I like red; it sounds like an aggressive force, and I like the idea of that. As we are learning about necrons together, I thought I would share some details.

Here is some fluff on the unit

Royal Wardens are Necrons who serve directly under an Overlord and ensure their lord's will is carried out by the Dynasty's armies.

Royal Wardens possess the initiative to adapt on the battlefield and can modify the orders to the phalanxes of the Necron Infantry. While they retain the independence of thought, their command protocols make them unquestionably loyal. Royal Wardens are armed with Relic Gauss Blasters.

What a fun model to paint. I had a lot of fun with this one and now understand the joys of painting them.

Do you collect Necron? Got any advice? Please do drop me a comment!


Blood Bowl 3 BETA testing the Tutorial

Well, this is exciting! I managed to get my hands on a Blood Bowl 3 BETA keycode, and until June12th, I get to try out and test the game.

I tried out some team building and customization for this first Youtube Video (go follow) and went through the training tutorial.

Initial thoughts.

  • Amazing Graphics.
  • Seemingly an immersive campaign option once launched.
  • Mixed teams are allowed.
    • Chaos - Chaos Humans, Dark Elves, Skaven, Minotaur, Rat Ogre, Ogre.
    • Order - Humans, Dwarves, Halflings, Treeman, Ogre.
  • Immense customizability on the team.
    • Colour choices are actual GW paints!
  • Complete overhaul of controls.
  • Improved graphics make it slightly harder to see things like skill choices.
We will do a complete run-through at the end of the test run; until then, the following video will be me vs the AI.

Cheers for reading.

Audio Review 77 // Gunsight by James Swallow

Powering through the War Without End series with this next title - Gunsight. It is generally great to get to have non-space marine novels set in the Heresy era and experience a different view of the galaxy for a bit. Here are the details.

Title: Gunsight
Author: James Swallow
Fluff: An Assassin lurks on board the Vengeful Spirit. His target? Warmaster Horus himself.

A story set aboard the Vengeful Spirit itself, flagship of Horus Lupercal. A killer stalks the corridors, and a daring assassination attempt is underway. But such attempts have failed before... how will this one prove any more successful?


I was excited to discover that this is a follow-up to Nemesis, a fantastic assassin story earlier in the series. And it did not disappoint. It even managed to surprise me with a few unsuspecting twists. Most of the story builds up to the character reveal, so I won't spoil that for readers. Without revealing too much, it was also intriguing to discover a side character who may be the only genuinely loyal crewman left on the ship through no fault of his own. Stuck watching his fellow workers succumb to the ruinous powers, he was left with no choice but to play along, but does that make him loyal to the Emperor or corrupted by default?

The true highlight of this novel has to be discussed, and it is the ship itself. We get to spend time within the depths of the Vengeful Spirit. We start to discover the accurate scale and depth of these mammoth machines that lumber through space and that more of the ship is actually filled with emptiness than life. The ability to remain undiscovered for so long in the heart of the enemy is such an exciting idea, and I really liked learning more about this unique environment.

Overall a fantastic story. Once again, this should have been enjoyed sooner in the timeline, but what an excellent follow-up for the assassins.

As always, I appreciate you reading and stopping by.

Blood Bowl 2 - Dark Elves vs Halflings

Welcome sports fans to the first game of Bloodbowl 2. I managed to get this game and Deathzone for $2.50, so expect more content and gameplay soon. this first video was a quick pick-up game. Testing out quality, graphics etc. Would love feedback either here or on Youtube.I choose a pre-designed Dark Elf team and went up against the first team selected, which happened to be Halflings with two Treemen!

Ultimately learnt my way and had a blast. Let me know in the comments if there is anything you wish to see in future videos and I will what we can do. If you play, reach out; maybe we have a match together? Blue Yeti Nano: Amazon CA 
Sony Alpha ZV-E10: Amazon CA 

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