Judge Dredd Table - Dan Abnett Block WIP

It's been a while since I've done a gaming table update. It has been slow going, to be honest. Though I want to start doing battle reports, it is hard to find time to finish terrain. If I have time, I prefer to use it on painting minis. But I will knuckle down and start pushing forward on this project. I want to show you what I have and list what I still need to do with that in mind.

As you can see, my 3'x3' table base is complete apart from some touch-ups, so honestly, it is just the buildings and some scattered terrain to get done. Here is what I feel I need to finalize.

A Road

Warehouse unit

Long Shop

Shed Shop

Scatter terrain - planters, signage etc.

Ruined block

Industrial zone - which includes the wastage pit (bottom corner).

Now that it is written down, it doesn't seem that bad, and I honestly think this is going to be a goal for the rest of the year one project a month (ideally more if I can) with the ultimate goal of a December battle report with fully painted terrain and miniatures. I need positive videos, and I think I will start with the warehouse unit, so check back soon and keep me honest!

As always, thanks for reading.


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