Imperium Magazine Issues 1 to 3

Hey! Old news I know for most of you in England, in over here in North America, we finally got our hands on the Imperium Magazine. For those who don't know, this is a monthly delivery of magazines to introduce people to the hobby while building up two armies to fight with. Armies include the Space Marines (no surprise there) and the Necrons.

Personally, I haven't played since the 7th so being able to relearn the 9th edition rules like this intrigued me and gave me an excuse to start two new armies. Knowing what the forces would be, I started the task of working out who to collect. As a big fan of the Badab War (Huron did no wrong), I knew it had to be a force from there, and after a lot of back and forth, I settled on the Executioners. I like the idea of them being a close combat-themed Imperial Fist chapter that, thanks to Black Library and Forgeworld, have a surprising amount of fluff about them.

But who would they face off against? I find Necrons interesting as a force but always found the paint schemes dull. I know I needed a pop of colour, so I chose the Novokh Dynasty to supply that. With a gentle pop of red, these will stand out great against the Executioners while still easy to paint.

But back to today's post. In the video above, if you haven't watched it already, I quickly go over the first drop of magazines, look inside and discuss my plans for what to build. I hope you will enjoy and join me on Youtube as I work my way through building, painting and playing Warhammer 9th edition.

Cheers for reading.

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