Comic Review 195 // Slaine: Time Killer by Pat Mills

Feels good to be back into Slaine after a little run of Star Wars. Don't get me wrong reading some other sci-fi was fun but it is not 2000 AD. Here we go with book two in the Slaine series by Pat Mills.

Title: Slaine: Time Killer
Author: Pat Mills
Fluff: 2000 AD's ever-popular Celtic hero returns in a deluxe collectors' hardback edition Before the events of 'The Horned Go'', a group comprising of Slaine; Ukko, his faithful((if evil-smelling) dwarf; Nest, a trainee priestess who knows the secrets of the Land of the Young; and Slaine's vast, voracious dragon steed, the Knucker, wander Tir-Nan-Og in search of the fortress of the Ever-Living Ones, arch-druids who may hold the key to the final defeat of the evil forces oppressing Slaine's people. But a chance encounter with a demonic alien race who are besieging the fortress hurls Slaine and his allies through time... to ever-greater battles, threats, and challenges
Format: 128 pages, E-book.


First up I was surprised to discover this book is only made up of two stories! In the first tale, we are headed north with Slain and Ukko. Whilst travelling they come across a young lady in need of help. We discover her name is Nest of the Speckled face. Nest lives and works on a Dragon Farm! Slaine soon finds out that the farm is being accused of having a rogue dragon who is attacking the local village. Soon the truth is revealed and a wild dragon is loose, leaving it up to Slaine to ride a dragon into battle and save the village. Overall a classic fantasy story arc, with abusive uncles in power, evil villagers and dragons. Such a great start.

In the second tale, we have the trio heading north as Nest leads them to the Fortress of the Ever-Living Ones. As they arrive they find the fortress under siege by the villainous Pythons. An evil alien race imprisoned in the past on Earth, who manipulate time in an attempt to enslave the humans of earth. This story turned out to be an all-out battle, full of very strange artwork and creatures and starts to introduce the wider world of the mysticism of the Slaine lore. It is definitely a strange ending to the book as they leave us on a cliffhanger! My interest is definitely riding high and the High King has now been bought.

Compared to the first book we definitely see the epic stories starting to build. I can now comprehend where Pat Mills is trying to take the character, I also loved the mention of Finn in the story as that was one of my favourite comics back in the day before they removed it :(

I hope you enjoyed the review and stop back tomorrow for some more fun!

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