Book Review 188 // The Reaper's Gift by Ray Cluley

Continuing my short reads with what, in my opinion, is one of the strongest Age Sigmar tales out there. Unfortunately, this title is actually a part of the anthology titled the Accursed and as such doesn't have it's own cover or much info on it.

Title: The Reaper's Gift

Author: Ray Cluley

Disclaimer: This title actually appears in the anthology titled the Accursed; as I haven't read the whole book yet, I will not be sharing any amazon links at this time.


Well, I said it in the opening line, for me is one of the best Age of Sigmar stories out there. Ray Cluley has created such a depressing and bleak world that could fit almost any fantasy setting. He has done such a great job; with minimal tweaking, this could be made into a real-world story.

In this tale, we join a soldier who has deserted the front lines, and as he flees the forces of death, he finds himself in a farming community that is a little too quiet. Seemingly suffering from a harsh famine, the soldier holds up with a family and discovers the tale of the Reaper's Gift and how far a people will go to survive. It is haunting and addictive to read and captivates me until the end. This is genuinely a standout. 

The only problem I have is that Cluley only has one more tale in the Black Library catalogue. I really hope this changes soon as I want more!

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