Book Review 186 // No Use for Good Men (Short Story) by Guy Haley

Enjoying these Black Library short reads, I fear this story is tempting me into the crime series they have been creating of late. Here is the fluff for No Use for Good Men.


In the grim darkness of the far future, there is a vast city… The urban sprawl of murder and corruption. A den of vice and illicit deeds where the law fails, and justice is fleeting.

Glutted merchant-kings turn the wheels of industry, feeding the engine of war on distant worlds while the lowly dream only of survival. As the gilded prosper, hidden behind their fortress walls, the masses must find a place within the underbelly. But regardless of station, whether criminal or law-keeper, one fact remains true – this city is dirty, and no one escapes it without a little sin. For in Varangantua, there are no good men.


Damn, this was good if quick read. Guy Hayley does excellent work in bringing the City of Varangantua alive. It is a depressing place where good people are crushed under the iron fists of gangs and corruption. How the people survive is beyond me, and the complete feeling of powerlessness the law enforcement faces is just numbing. Order is a fleeting dream that seems to slip further away every day.

As I mentioned, though, it was a quick read, but it was enough to add the series to my to-be-purchased list, and that alone speaks volumes to how good a read this was. I will review as soon as I have that title and have consumed it.

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