Book Review 185 // The Shapers of Scars by Marc Collins

Some more Black Library goodness this Friday. Today we look over a Space Wolf adventure. And enjoy a new viewpoint on the ongoing wars of the 40k verse.

Title: The Shapers of Scars (Black Library Advent Calendar 2020 #5)

Author: Marc Collins

Page Count: 26

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Beneath the slate-grey skies of Fenris, a mighty jarl lies dying. She is a huntress queen, who has guided her people for many years, and the time for her thread to be cut is near as those closest to her prepare for her passing, Katla Helvintr dreams. In her mind, she faces the great wyrm that laid her low once more, and if she loses this battle, her time is done. But Katla Helvintr is powerful and has a wyrd upon her, and her end may not yet have come…


I enjoy a Rogue Trader adventure, and Collins has managed to create a fantastic character in Katla Helvintr. She is a Rogue Trader, but she also comes from Fenris, the Homeworld of the Space Wolves. Collins manager to create a character that was more than just a space Viking. She is a solid force to be acknowledged, and I seriously hope we get more like this in the future.

The ship itself should also be viewed as a character. The Wyrmslayer Queen is a dangerous ship; its machine spirit seems bold, solid and scary (like its captain). It is portrayed as an alpha predator in space, covered in guns and armed with deadly void harpoons to help grab its prey. The use of the harpoons in the story is so low-tech but amazingly fitting to hold a ship in place for boarding actions. The action is intense, and with it being Tyranids, you know it would give me the sweats. The scene where Katla faced off against a Carnifex left me gagging for air as I held my breath. I am ultimately glad she survived because that gives me hope for more adventures. So come to Collins and give me a whole book!

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