Beer Review 188 // Hop on Your Face IPA by Beyond the Pale Brewing Company

The brewery I work for always produces its Easter IPA called Hop on Your Face. They created this beer in the good old West Coast IPA style. As always opinions are my own. Here are the details:

Beer Name: Hop on Your Face
Style: West Coast IPA
Format: 473ml
ABV: 7.5%
Fluff: #HOYF (Hop On Your Face) is back, just in time for Easter. An unabashedly intense and aromatically obnoxious beer that is like nothing you have had before. The best part is you get all this flavour without the overwhelming bitterness some IPAs can carry. This beer is brewed only once a year and only for Easter. Secure your cans now or miss out!


It is a bold beer, pouring a golden yellow and capped with a lovely white foam. The aroma is solid, nice citrus note coming through. On the sip, the initial flavours are firm but not obnoxious, which is for the best. This is a surprisingly easy drink, nice malt backbone, which adds a bit of a cereal note and then plenty of citruses and a bit of pine to cut through it all. Then as you work through the pint, you get a building hit of bitterness that leaves you wanting more. At the 7.5%, I will be sticking to just one can, but this is enjoyable on a deck watching Ottawa's spring come.

As always, thanks for reading!

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