Beer Review 187 // Auto Pop Cherry Cola by Blood Brother

Ooo, look at me, I actually went to the LCBO and treated myself to a beer! Disclaimer friendly and early on this one. I enjoyed this beer on tap about a week before buying this, so I had high hopes for the beer. I am a big fan of Cherry Cola, and when I had it on tap, it tasted as described. But what about in a can? Can they reproduce the quality?

Beer: Autopop - Cherry Cola

Brewery: Blood Brothers Brewing. Toronto, Ontario. Canada.

Style: Sour - Fruited 

ABV: 4%

Fluff: Our experimental low ABV sour series "Autopop" is back. This rendition was fermented on sweet cherries and conditioned on a top-secret cola emulsion.


The pour is on point, as you can see. Bright, bold red, with a slightly pink-tinted hue to the foam. The aroma is different from the keg format. I am getting a lot more (for want of a better term) vinegar. This is tart, sharp and not really Cola. It is packed full of cherry and is still enjoyable but has strangely lost the cola aspect? I feel that if I was writing about the keg pour, this would be getting great praise. Instead, I am left a little disappointed. I would be a happy camper if the beer was a cherry sour! But it is meant to be cherry cola, and this can has missed the mark.

Hmm. Moving forwards, I will watch out with cans.

As always, I appreciate you all! Drop me a comment and say hi.

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