Audio Review 76 // All That Remains by James Swallow

We are now about halfway through the War Without End title, and it would seem we have ourselves an early Grey Knight story to enjoy, so let us jump in.

Title: All That Remains

Author: James Swallow

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Fluff: As Horus's rebellion consumes the galaxy, the dead number in the billions – far greater, however, are the countless casualties evacuated from front line duties to tend their wounds and someday return to the fight. On one particular vessel cast adrift in the warp, a handful of ragged Imperial Army soldiers make a startling discovery, and the question of why so many more of their comrades have been lost is soon answered...

Get ready for a mystery like no other. A derelict ship harbouring sick and dying men gets caught up in a secret mission straight from the Emperor's right-hand man, Malcador, to create a new army to save the Imperium. Too bad the citizens on board don't know that. This story is a fascinating revelation about the birth of the Grey Knights and exactly how the seeds of their Chapter were sown.


The story takes place on a damaged Battleship, basically drifting through space. This ship is described as a hospital ship full of injured, shell-shocked troopers. Some are even damaged by exposure to the Warp. So overall, a very damaged group of imperium soldiers. But as the story progresses, we discover some unusual traits among the survivors; it would seem, in one way or another, they are all "gifted" with warp gifts. 

As they drift through space, their ship is boarded by a lone Space Marine, bedecked in the grey armour and symbols of the Sigillite. He commandeers the ship and, with his psychic might, sets the ship's course to Titan and heavily hints at the idea of the Grey Knights organization.

This basically seems like an origins tale for the 40K Grey Knights. Overall a pretty good story. Nothing blew me away, but in no way was I disappointed. Where does it sit in the timeline, though? As it made mention to daemons being summoned by Thousand Sons, which I felt happened later in the war? Maybe I am wrong? These collected stories do seem to make a mockery of the timelines.

As always, I appreciate the read. Thank you!

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